Chemical Engineering

Title Author Name Imprint Publication Year
Adhesive Bonding in Five Steps - Achieving Safe and High Quality Bonds Jrgen Klingen Wiley-VCH 2022
Agitator Design for Gas-Liquid Fermenters and Bioreactors Gregory T. Benz Wiley-AIChE 2021
Agitator Design Technology for Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals Gregory T. Benz Wiley-AIChE 2022
Biological Reaction Engineering - Dynamic Modelling Fundamentals with 80 Interactive Simulation Examples Elmar Heinzle Wiley-VCH 2021
Biomolecular Engineering Solutions for Renewable Specialty Chemicals - Microorganisms, Products, and Processes R. Navanietha Krishnaraj Wiley 2021
Biorefinery of Oil Producing Plants for Value-Added Products Suraini Abd-Aziz Wiley-VCH 2022
Carbon Dioxide Emission Management in Power Generation Lars O. Nord Wiley-VCH 2020
Catalyst Engineering Technology - Fundamentals and Applications Jean W. L. Beeckman Wiley 2020
Chemical Process Engineering Set A. Kayode Coker Wiley-Scrivener 2022
Cyanobacteria Biotechnology Paul Hudson Wiley-VCH 2021
Distillation: Principles and Practice, Second Edition Johann G. Stichlmair Wiley-AIChE 2021
Driving Continuous Process Safety Improvement From Investigated Incidents CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE


Engineering Applications - Analytical and Numerical Calculation with MATLAB Mihai Dupac Wiley 2021
Engineering Solutions for CO2 Conversion Tomas Ramirez Reina Wiley-VCH 2021
Environmental and Agricultural Microbiology - Applications for Sustainability Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra Wiley-Scrivener 2021
Essentials of Fluidization Technology John R. Grace Wiley-VCH 2020
Explosion Vented Equipment System Protection Guide Robert C. Comer Wiley 2020
Full Scale Plant Optimization in Chemical Engineering - A Practical Guide Zivorad R. Lazic Wiley-VCH 2022
Fundamentals of Industrial Problem Solving - A Practitioner's Guide Zdravko I. Stefanov Wiley 2022
Guidelines for Managing Abnormal Situations CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2022
Guidelines for Process Safety During the Transient Operating Mode - Managing Risks during Process Start-ups and Shut-downs CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2020
Guidelines for Revalidating a Process Hazard Analysis, Second Edition CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2022
Human Factors Handbook for Process Plant Operations - Improving Process Safety and System Performance CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2022
Hydrodynamic Cavitation - Devices, Design and Applications Vivek V. Ranade Wiley-VCH 2022
Innovative Approaches towards Ecological Coal Mining and Utilization Jiuping Xu Wiley-VCH 2022
In-Space Manufacturing and Resources - Earth and Planetary Exploration Applications Volker Hessel Wiley-VCH 2022
Ionizing Radiation Technologies - Managing and Extracting Value from Wastes Shima Shayanfar Wiley-Blackwell 2022
Managing Cybersecurity in the Process Industries - A Risk-based Approach CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2022
Mathematics for Enzyme Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Performance 2V Set F. Xavier Malcata Wiley 2020
Membrane Contactor Technology - Water Treatment, Food Processing, Gas Separation, and Carbon Capture Mohammad Younas Wiley-VCH 2022
Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Supercritical and Subcritical Fluid Extraction Processes Zainuddin A. Manan Wiley-AIChE 2021
Multiphase Flows for Process Industries - Fundamentals and Applications Vivek V. Ranade Wiley-VCH 2022
Nanofiltration 2e - Principles, Applications, and New Materials Andrea Iris Schfer Wiley-VCH 2021
Packaging Technology and Engineering - Pharmaceutical, Medical and Food Applications Dipak Kumar Sarkar Wiley 2020
Photocatalysts in Advanced Oxidation Processes for Wastewater Treatment Elvis Fosso-Kankeu Wiley-Scrivener 2020
Pipe Flow - A Practical and Comprehensive Guide,2nd Edition Donald C. Rennels Wiley 2022
Piping Engineering - Preventing Fugitive Emissionin the Oil and Gas Industry Karan Sotoodeh Wiley 2022
Plastics Process Analysis, Instrumentation, and Control Johannes Karl Fink Wiley-Scrivener 2021
Process Control, Intensification, and Digitalisation in Continuous Biomanufacturing Ganapathy Subramanian Wiley-VCH 2021
Process Engineering Renewal 1 - Background and Training ric Schaer Wiley-ISTE 2020
Process Engineering Renewal 2 - Research ric Schaer Wiley-ISTE 2020
Process Engineering Renewal 3 - Prospects ric Schaer Wiley-ISTE 2020
Process Gas Chromatographs - Fundamentals, Design and Implementation Tony Waters Wiley 2020
Process Industries 1 - Sustainability, Managerial and Scientific Fundamentals Jean-Pierre Dal Pont Wiley-ISTE 2020
Process Industries 2 - Digitalization a New Key Driver for the Industrial Management Jean-Pierre Dal Pont Wiley-ISTE 2020
Process Intensification and Integration for Sustainable Design Dominic C. Y. Foo Wiley-VCH 2021
Process Safety for Engineers - An Introduction, Second Edition CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2022
Process Safety in Upstream Oil and Gas CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) Wiley-AIChE 2021
Process Steam Systems - A Practical Guide for Operators, Maintainers, Designers, and Educators, Second Edition Carey Merritt Wiley 2022
Process Systems Engineering for Biofuels Development Adrian Bonilla-Petriciolet Wiley 2020
Profit Maximization Techniques for Operating Chemical Plants Sandip K. Lahiri Wiley 2020
Pump Wisdom - Essential Centrifugal Pump Knowledge for Operators and Specialists, Second Edition Robert X. Perez Wiley-AIChE 2022
Role of Microbes in Industrial Products and Processes Sanjay Kumar Wiley-Scrivener 2022
Root Cause Failure Analysis - A Guide to Improve Plant Reliability Trinath Sahoo Wiley 2021
Rules of Thumb for Water and Wastewater Engineers Moe Toghraei Wiley-VCH 2022
Sustainable Metal Extraction from Waste Streams Garima Chauhan Wiley-VCH 2020
Sustainable Separation Engineering - Materials, Techniques and Process Development 2V Set Gyorgy Szekely   2022
Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes - Risk Assessment and Process Design 2e Francis Stoessel Wiley-VCH 2021
Thermodynamic Processes 1 - Systems without Physical State Change Salah Belaadi Wiley-ISTE 2020
Thermodynamic Processes 2 - State and Energy Change Systems Salah Belaadi Wiley-ISTE 2020
Two-Dimensional-Materials-Based Membranes - Preparation, Characterization, and Applications Gongping Liu Wiley-VCH 2022
Unique Methods for Analyzing Failures and Catastrophic Events - A Practical Guide for Engineers Anthony Sofronas Wiley 2022
Waste Heat Recovery in Process Industries Hussam Jouhara Wiley-VCH 2022

Mechanical Engineering

Title Author Name Imprint Publication Year
Advanced Multifunctional Lightweight Aerostructures - Design, Development, and Implementation Kamran Behdinan Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Air Bearings: Theory, Design and Applications Farid Al-Bender Wiley 2021
Aircraft Systems Classifications - A Handbook of Characteristics and Design Guidelines Allan Seabridge Wiley 2022
Analysis of ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Nuclear Components in the Creep Range Maan H. Jawad Wiley-ASME Press Series 2022
Automotive System Safety - Critical Considerations for Engineering and Effective Management Joseph D. Miller   2020
Bearing Dynamic Coefficients in Rotordynamics - Computation Methods and Practical Applications Lukasz Brenkacz Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Zhuming Bi   2020
Control Of Mechatronic Systems - Model-Driven Design And Implementation Guidelines Book Patrick O. J. Kaltjob Wiley 2021
Control Theory Applications for Production Systems - Time and Frequency Methods for Analysis and Design Neil A. Duffie Wiley 2022
Design and Development of Aircraft Systems3rd Edition Allan Seabridge   2020
Dimensional Analysis and Similarity in Fluid Mechanics Nord-Eddine Sad Chemloul Wiley-ISTE 2020
Dynamics of Aircraft Flight Gilles Louis Wiley-ISTE


Elastic Waves in Solids Volume 1 - Propagation Daniel Royer Wiley-ISTE 2022
Engineering Acoustics - Noise and Vibration Control Malcolm J. Crocker Wiley 2020
Engineering Design and Optimization of Thermofluid Systems David S. K. Ting Wiley 2021
Engineering Practice with Oilfield and Drilling Applications Donald W. Dareing Wiley-ASME Press Series 2022
Environmental Noise and Management Selma Kurra Wiley 2020
Essentials of Supersonic Commercial Aircraft Conceptual Design Egbert Torenbeek Wiley 2020
Evolutionary Computation in Scheduling Amir H. Gandomi Wiley 2020
Fabrication of Metallic Pressure Vessels Owen R. Greulich Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Finite Element Analysis - Method, Verification and Validation, Second Edition Barna Szab Wiley 2021
Flow-Induced Vibration Handbook for Nuclear and Process Equipment Michel J. Pettigrew Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Fluid Mechanics at Interfaces Volume 1 - Methodsand Diversity Roger Prudhomme Wiley-ISTE 2022
Fluid Mechanics at Interfaces Volume 2 - Case Studies and Instabilities Roger Prudhomme Wiley-ISTE 2022
Foundations of Space Dynamics Ashish Tewari Wiley 2020
Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing for the Practitioner Sheku Kamara Wiley 2021
Fundamentals of Heat Engines Jamil Ghojel Wiley-IEEE Press 2020
Future Propulsion Systems and Energy Sources insustainable aviation Saeed Farokhi   2020
Geometric Modeling of Fractal Forms for CAD Christian Gentil Wiley-ISTE 2021
Heat Transfer 1 - Conduction Michel Ledoux Wiley-ISTE 2021
Heat Transfer 2 - Radiative Transfer Michel Ledoux Wiley-ISTE 2021
Heat Transfer 3 - Convection, Fundamentals and Monophasic Flows Michel Ledoux Wiley-ISTE 2022
Human Motion Capture and Identification for Assistive Systems Design in Rehabilitation Pubudu N. Pathirana Wiley 2021
Introduction to Flight Testing James W. Gregory Wiley 2021
Introduction to Plastics Engineering Vijay K. Stokes Wiley-IEEE Press 2020
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2 - Wave-Corpuscle, Quantization & Schrödinger's Equation Ibrahima Sakho Wiley-ISTE 2020
Introduction to the Variational Formulation in Mechanics - Fundamentals and Applications Edgardo O. Taroco   2020
IoT Product Design and Development - Best Practices for Industrial, Consumer, and Business Applications Ahmad Fattahi Wiley 2022
Kinematics of General Spatial Mechanical Systems M. Kemal Ozgoren Wiley 2020
Krylov Subspace Methods with Application in Incompressible Fluid Flow Solvers Iman Farahbakhsh Wiley 2020
Maintenance, Reliability and Troubleshooting in Rotating Machinery Robert X. Perez Wiley-Scrivener 2022
Mechanics and Physics of Solids at Micro- and Nano-Scales Ioan R. Ionescu Wiley-ISTE 2020
Metaheuristics for Structural Design and Analysis Yusuf Cengiz Toklu Wiley-ISTE 2021
Metal Additive Manufacturing Ehsan Toyserkani Wiley 2021
Metrology and Instrumentation - Practical Applications for Engineering and Manufacturing Samir Mekid Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Modern Automotive Electrical Systems Pedram Asef Wiley-Scrivener 2022
Multiscale Modelling and Optimisation of Materials and Structures Tadeusz Burczynski Wiley 2022
Nano-Satellites - Space and Ground Technologies, Operations and Economics Rogerio Atem de Carvalho Wiley 2020
Optimizations and Programming - Linear, Non-linear, Dynamic, Stochastic and Applications with Matlab Abdelkhalak El Hami Wiley-ISTE 2021
Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors, Fourth Edition Walter D. Pilkey Wiley 2020
Planning and Executing Credible Experiments - A Guidebook for Engineering, Science, Industrial Processes, Agriculture, and Business Robert J. Moffat Wiley 2021
Product Development - An Engineer's Guide to Business Considerations, Real-World Product Testing, and Launch David V. Tennant Wiley 2022
Product Maturity Volume 2 - Principles and Illustrations Franck Bayle  Wiley-ISTE 2022
Properties for Design of Composite Structures - Theory and Implementation Using Software Neil McCartney Wiley 2022
Pumps and Compressors Marc Borremans Wiley-ASME Press Series 2020
Robust Control - Youla Parameterization Approach Farhad Assadian Wiley-ASME Press Series 2022
Theory of Ground Vehicles, Fifth Edition J. Y. Wong Wiley 2022
Theory of Solid-Propellant Nonsteady Combustion Vasily B. Novozhilov Wiley-ASME Press Series 2020
Thermal Design - Heat Sinks, Thermoelectrics, Heat Pipes, Compact Heat Exchangers, and Solar Cells, Second Edition HoSung Lee Wiley 2022
Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Applications,3rd Edition Ibrahim Diner Wiley 2021
Thermodynamics - A Smart Approach Ibrahim Diner Wiley 2020
Transcritical CO2 Heat Pump - Fundamentals and Applications Xin-rong Zhang Wiley 2021
Two-Phase Heat Transfer Mirza Mohammed Shah Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
UAS Integration into Civil Airspace - Policy, Regulations and Strategy Douglas M. Marshall Wiley 2022
Underwater Inspection and Repair for Offshore Structures John V. Sharp Wiley 2021
Vibration Assisted Machining - Theory, Modelling and Applications Lu Zheng Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Vibration-based Condition Monitoring - Industrial, Automotive and Aerospace Applications, Second Edition Robert Bond Randall   2021
Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures Andrew J. Kurdila Wiley-ASME Press Series 2021
Vibroacoustic Simulation - An Introduction to Statistical Energy Analysis and Hybrid Methods Alexander Peiffer Wiley 2022
Virtual Experiments in Mechanical Vibrations - Structural Dynamics and Signal Processing Michael J. Brennan Wiley 2022
Viscoplastic Flow in Solids Produced by Shear Banding Ryszard B. Pecherski  Wiley 2022