Centre for Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University regularly organises training programmes, MDPs, symposia, workshops, seminars and conferences on varied aspects of heritage management with different organisations as well as independently. In past, Many such programmes were organised for reputed organisations like the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training of Government of India; Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited; Project funded by the European Union etc. focusing on a variety of stakeholders like government officials, tour guides and volunteers, entrepreneurs and students. This series of workshops is an independent initiative by the Centre.


The world is recognising heritage as one of the key instruments for development. India with its thousands of years of history has a great opportunity as well as responsibility to manage its heritage. Heritage exists in people’s daily lives as a cross-disciplinary discourse. Therefore, contemporary development initiatives need to integrate heritage in their activities in order to achieve sustainable goals for development. The workshop introduces heritage management with a critical understanding of heritage and a holistic management approach to the heritage sector with the virtue of community and their comprehensive development. The workshop will focus on two major areas: first, understanding the multiple layers of our heritage and second, relevant international conventions including the 1972 World Heritage Convention.

The workshop is a part of a series of workshops for students organised by the Centre for Heritage Management of Ahmedabad University. This workshop is planned to be organised along with the International Conference on Heritage Management Education- 2019 so that participants can also get benefitted by the conference sessions. The workshop shall be useful for undergraduate higher-level students interested in exploring heritage context as their theses, projects or research topics.

Objectives of the Workshop

  • to mentor undergraduate students with their inclination towards heritage and conservation particularly in relation to their final year thesis or projects or towards getting a better understanding of the potential sector of their engagement after graduation,
  • to orient students to the overview of heritage discourses and practices, so that they can meaningfully benefit from the adjacent international conference on heritage management education and practice, and
  • to provide a unique opportunity for interested students to interact and network with academics, professionals and students from different parts of India, and a few other countries.


  • ‘Beyond-architecture’ approach towards heritage sites
  • Opportunity to attend the International Conference on Heritage Management Education- 2019
  • Understanding of international conventions related to intangible cultural heritage and monuments
  • Opportunity to get inputs on ongoing professional/thesis projects
  • Certificate on successful completion


Final year undergraduate students seeking to develop their thesis on topics connected with urban heritage. Early career professional in the field of design, architecture, urban management or heritage sector who are interested in higher studies may also apply.

Registration and Fee

Rs. 2500 (Inclusive of GST) per person includes workshop sessions, selected sessions at the conference, working lunch and tea breaks along with Workshop kit and basic stationaries. The candidate will have to pay the fee through an online portal.

Note: Complimentary accommodation will be provided to the needy applicants on first-come, first-served basis at a shared hostel accommodation.

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