About Us

Our Vision
To foster critical discourses on the broader domain of heritage, and to promote a holistic heritage management approach as a guidance for sustainable and just social development.
To connect the world of heritage and business, towards formulating more efficient heritage policies and practices and towards running cultural and tourism enterprises

Our Mission

  • Teaching: To offer academic programmes and prepare heritage management professionals to serve diverse sectors of heritage
  • Research: To promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on understanding and managing heritage, with a focus on its links with business strategy and management
  • Capacity building and consulting: To facilitate communities and organisations on various aspects of heritage management through capacity building programmes , consulting projects and outreach activities
  • Networking: To provide platforms of sharing research and experiences on heritage management, such as Journals, Conferences, cultural events and publications, and also host global initiatives on heritage management
  • Business entrepreneurship: To provide methodologies and tools that would help towards running existing projects/enterprises or starting new ones.
  • Service to society, and governance: To sensitise various quarters of society about heritage and the need of contextual management, and contribute towards sensitive as well as efficient policy formulation.