18 May 2013

To mark the World Museum Day, the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University jointly with Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum had organized a lecture on Collection of Coins and Its Management. Prof Ramji Savalia, Director, B. J Institute of Learning and Research delivered his speech at the lecture hall of LD Museum.The lecture by Prof Savalia elaborated on the role of numismatic as a significant bearer of past history and heritage, and highlighted the history of coinage in Gujarat.

Along with the lecture, a guided tour of the new Priyakant T Munshaw Gallery of Coinage was also conducted. The museum houses more than 300 coins from the time span of 2,500 years spanning Roman, Indo-Greek, Kshatrapa, Kushana, Indo-Scythian, Gupta, Gujarat Sultanate and Mughals. The guided tour was conducted by Prof Ratan Parimoo, Director, L D Museum. The director Shri Debashish Nayak, CHM talked about the rich heritage of private and public museums in Ahmedabad.