Admissions for Masters in Heritage Management Open
Admissions for Masters in Heritage Management Open
Undergraduate Students Symposium and Workshop on Heritage Studies
Undergraduate Students Symposium and Workshop on Heritage Studies
Launch of International Journal of Heritage Management

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Bansari LadiaStudent, Batch (2016-18)

Bansari Ladia
Student, Batch (2016-18)

Background: Bachelors in Commerce

The idea to do something which is not mainstream lead me to join this course. Losing a heritage house was a further push factor to join this course. With my interest in nature, after coming here I explored the concept of “natural heritage “. Through my internship I want to further delve deeper into field of heritage and hope to contribute to it.

Surbhi GoyalStudent, Batch (2016-18)

Surbhi Goyal
Student, Batch (2016-18)

Background: Bachelors in Architecture, Diploma in Built Heritage and Conservation Studies

Being formally trained as an Architect earlier and having a basic knowledge of built heritage conservation had intrigued me to take up heritage management as a study. This course has helped me to understand heritage in a better manner and I have gained a new perspectives to analyses heritage.

Aayushi MaheshwariStudent, Batch (2016-18)

Aayushi Maheshwari
Student, Batch (2016-18)

Background: Bachelors in Urban Planning, Work experience in Community Participation and Heritage Tourism

Grown and brought up in the narrow gulley’s in a 120 year old Haveli of Shahjahanad , Old Delhi. Heritage was always in my veins. The three months internship and a year of work experience in the Historic districts of Indian temple towns, while participating with the communities was an eye – opener to join the course. The course has enables me to have a larger vision to work on the Urban Management issues that the Heritage sector is facing at present. Also, over the course I Have realized that “Authenticity” and “Commodification of Heritage “are the two clashing concepts which I would further like to research in.

Gourav MandloiStudent, Batch (2016-18)

Gourav Mandloi
Student, Batch (2016-18)

Background: Bachelors in Commerce, Representative of an NGO in Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh

The course gives equal emphasis on Management and Heritage which is all together a new concept in India through various curricular components.

With the thorough knowledge I have received after two semester here, my understanding of Heritage Management has improved in manifolds.

I am sure this course will ultimately help in fulfilling my aspirations to work as a heritage activists.

Richa PandeyStudent, Batch (2016-18)

Richa Pandey
Student, Batch (2016-18)

Background: Bachelors in Architecture, Master in Medieval History, Work Experience in Architectural Conservation and Preparation of Development & Management Plans.

My interest in the study of heritage was a gradual but deliberate evolution that happened over the years. While through my training and professional experience. I have gained some basic technical skills in built conservation. I also feel the need to learn the nuances of Heritage Management.

This course will enable me ensure the involvement of multidisciplinary approaches and teams towards heritage conservation that can ultimately lead to a more inclusive and participatory environment.

Leora PezarkarStudent, Batch (2015-17)

Leora Pezarkar
Student, Batch (2015-17)

Background: BA History, Worked for two years with a Mumbai based company in field of research and Heritage Walks.

Having grown up in a traditional; family from a minority community, culture and heritage have always intrigued me. This course not only equipped me with the right vocabulary to articulate my passion but also helped me take it ahead by giving me opportunities in form of internship with a community in Kutch and a thesis where I am currently exploring the culture and heritage of my community back home. As much as this course is about exploring the vast dimensions of heritage, for me it has also been about connecting to my roots.

Chirashree ThakkarStudent, Batch (2015-17)

Chirashree Thakkar
Student, Batch (2015-17)

Background: Accomplished Architect and Practitioner

This course helps you position heritage at a different level of mainstream economy. It is not something Which just happens, there is way of making it happen which is a combination of a lot of experience. Any individual who is passionate about heritage tangible and intangible should explore this course.It is a perfect combination of the formal and the informal . The fields of economics, management conservation, development and values are brought into one platter which helps in bringing out creative solutions to heritage related issues.