Research Working Papers

The Research Working Paper Series is an initiative by the University Research Board. Its purpose is to share new research work by the faculty members, research staff and doctoral students with a wide audience in the field of research. All papers posted on this site are under progress, under submission, or in press and forthcoming elsewhere. 


An Enhanced Mixed-Scaling-Rotation CORDIC Algorithm With Weighted Amplifying Factor

Jaina Mehta and Pratik Trivedi

An Optimal Algorithm for 1-D Cutting Stock Problem

Srikrishnan Divakaran

Event Reference Synchronization (ERS): Scalable Clock Synchronization for Large-Scale IoT Networks

Shashi Prabh

Review of Mass Transfer Characteristics in Microchannels for Liquid-liquid Extractive Systems Using Experimental Techniques

Arijit Ganguli

Evaluating Depth Estimation Algorithms in Unstructured Driving Environments

Maryam Kaveshgar

Identification of MR Image Biomarkers in Brain Tumour Patients Using Machine Learning and Radiomics Features

Jayendra M Bhalodiya

Effect of Induction Heating on Temperature and Force Characteristics in Rotary Friction Welding of AISI 1018 Mild Steel Rods

Shuja Ahmed

Prediction of Tensile Strength of Friction Stir Welds Using Artificial Intelligence

Shuja Ahmed

Effects of Sheet Positioning, Tool Offset and Backing Plate Material on Temperature and Flow Characteristics in Dissimilar FSW of Al and Cu: A CFD Simulation Study

Shuja Ahmed

Fabrication of Featured FSP Tool by Reverse-µEDM Process and its Effect on FSP Characteristics of Cold Sprayed Inconel 718 Super Alloy

Shuja Ahmed

Tolerance Stack-up Analysis of Toggle Mechanism for Clamping Unit of an Injection Moulding Machine

Shuja Ahmed

LLE in Microchannels: A Mini Review

Arijit Ganguli