A solution-oriented Centre of Ahmedabad University inspired by innovation-driven ideas and hands-on methodology, Ahmedabad Design Lab addresses challenges faced by the city of Ahmedabad, integrating its solutions with social, economic, and governance domains. The Lab is helping reimagine the city as one of the most vibrant cities in the world. In this endeavour, we are keen to handle city-based projects that will help us enhance our knowledge and broaden our societal impact. Please fill in this form to provide us with basic information, so we understand your requirements before we respond to you.

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Some of our projects are:

Road Safety Survey Analysis for a Public Health Group

Ahmedabad Design Lab conducted a survey and an analysis thereafter on Road Safety practices among students of Ahmedabad University for a public health group organisation. The aim was to reduce the number of accidents, caused due to the negligence of two-wheeler riders within Ahmedabad University by 3-5 per cent, create awareness regarding road safety, and promote and incentivise safe driving practices among them by 2023-end.

The project involved identifying the causes of road accidents, analysing how gender, age, vehicle maintenance, and road conditions affected the safety of riders. Some interesting observations included the age at which the driving licence was procured, lane switching without indication, distracted driving due to GPS or other passengers, and lack of mindful driving, which were not primarily assumed to be reasons for road accidents.