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SEAS students enjoy various activities including cultural and food festivals, sports and musical events, etc. These activities help them to discover their own niche on the campus, interact with other students, organize events, take up leadership roles, etc.


Student Amenities

Campus SEAS functions from a 2.5 lakh square feet,modern, eco-friendly, fully networked Wi-Fi campus in the heart of Ahmedabad. Well-equipped classrooms, labs and e-learning applications offer contemporary learning experience.


Anti-ragging Policy

The university community is aware of the fact that prevention and prohibition of ragging in institutions imparting higher education in the country is a great concern of all authorities including the law enforcing agencies.


Industrial Visits

SEAS gives emphasis on active participation and encourages industrial visits wherein students visit industries which are reputed in their respective disciplines to acquire practical knowledge and the right insight which helps them when they enter the job floor.


Cultural Events

SEAS gives equal importance to cultural events as it gives to the academics. They add value to students’ overall personality development. Cultural events bring students of various institutions together and encourage them to try innovative ideas in the form of quizzes, fests, music & dance events, etc.



SEAS actively supports students sports at all levels as it brings in enthusiasm in campus life, helps the students to be fit and healthy and gives an opportunity for them to de-stress. SEAS has facilities for indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess, Carrom, etc. and utilizes the AES grounds for outdoor facility.



SEAS believes in transparency in all its activities be it academics or non-academics. It encourages the students to inquire, express and discuss. Students’ views are of paramount importance and understanding their concerns and thoughts helps the institute to grow in the right direction.