Engineering School students are encouraged to participate in campus activity, play sports, mingle with their peers, and immerse themselves in Ahmedabad's sophisticated cultural life. Students organise cultural festivals, food festivals, sports meets, social events and more during their time here. The university works to provide a safe, friendly experience for all its students with a stringent anti-ragging policy and an emphasis on women's safety. Read on to discover more. 


Higher Studies

The students of School of Engineering and Applied Science routinely get admission offers from some of the best institutions in the world to pursue their higher studies.


Anti-ragging Policy

The  university takes ragging or hazing very seriously. Please read our complete and strictly enforced anti-ragging policy above.



Student Amenities

The Engineering School is located on a 2.5-lakh square ft campus in the heart of Ahmedabad. It’s modern, eco-friendly, and fully networked. Get more information at a glance by clicking the link above.


Industrial Visits

Industrial visits and hands-on experience are a key feature of engineering education at the school. 


Cultural Events

The school gives as much importance to life outside the classroom and labs as it does within. 



SEAS actively supports student athletics at all levels, and emphasises the importance of fitness, fair play and friendly competition for all its students.



We believe in academic and adminstrative transparency, and respect our students' views, thoughts and concerns. Read what some members of our student body have to say about life at the school.

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