Mitaxi Mehta

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Physics, Gujarat University)
Areas of interest
Nonlinear dynamics, Mathematical Physics, Bio-informatics, Speaker verification, Data visualization, Machine Learning

  Mitaxi Mehta has Ph.D. in Physics from PRL, Ahmedabad. she has worked as a post-doc. fellow at PRL (Ahmedabad), IMSc (Chennai), University of Regensburg (Germany)  and IPR (Gandhinagar) . She has been a visiting researcher at ICTP, Trieste in Italy, HRI Allahabad and Central University Hyderabad. Before joining Ahmedabad university, she was an assistant professor at BITS-Pilani Goa. Her research interests are in the fields of classical nonlinear dynamics, chaos and fractals and scale free networks. Recently she has also been working on problems in (1)  protein protein networks, (2) speaker verification based on fixed short speech (3) Visualization of health databases and (4) Periodic orbit search algorithms.  She is also interested in recreational mathematics and machine learning.

Current Research: 

1. Speech Processing:

     M.Tech. student Ms. Pooja Patel and I have been interested in identifying feature vectors for speaker verification using short time speech signals with fixed text.

2. Data visualisation:

    M.Tech student Ms. Yesha Bhavsar and I have been working with health data of various Indian states. We are interested in analysis of the data and in

    creating useful visualisation tools based on binary classification based on gender and demography.

3. A Periodic orbt search algorith :

    I am working on modification of the monodromy method of periodic orbit search for Hamiltonian systems. A mid-point like method taking energy of the orbit

 as an independent evolution parameter is being developed. 

 Additionally I have also started to look into the "Hidden Markov Model" as a predictive model.

Recent Research: 

 1. Disease-Disease Protein networks

   With M. Tech. students Ms. Priyanka Nimawat, Ms. Seema Aswani and Dr. Manish Datt (School of Applied Science),

    Disease-Disease network and studied various network properties. The work is yet to be published.

2.  Golden ratio and center of mass location

 With Dr. Gautam Dutta (DA-IICT), the occurance of golden ratio at the edge of a solid symmetric body with cavity of the same shape was studied.

  Ref. Euro. J. Phys. 37 (2016) 068002.

3, Periodic Orbit search algorithms

Mitaxi M. " A variant of the mid-point monodromy algorithm", CNLD-2016, IISER Kolkata, Dec. 16th to 18th (2016)

4. Data Visualization

 Bhavsar Y. and Mehta M. P.  "Analysis and Visualisation of health data from the CAB database", 
IEEE sposored International conference on algorithms, methodology models and
Applications-ICMMA Chennai 16th to 18th Feb. (2017)








Papers in international journals:

(1)  Mehta M. P., On The Dimensionality of the Phase-space Survivors in the Banerjea-Taylor map,  Phys. Lett. A 252 p. 288-290 (1999).
(2)  Balakrishnan R. and Mehta M. P., Field Induced Transitions and Spatial Chaos in the Classical XY Spin Chain Phys. Rev. E, 61, p. 1312-1319 (2000).
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(5)  Pletyukhov M., Amann C., Mehta M. P. and Brack M., Semiclassical theory of spin-orbit interactions using spin coherent states, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, p. 116601-1-116601-6 (2002).
(6)  Brack M., Fedotkin S. N., Magner A. G. and Mehta M. P., Analytical Perturbative Approach to Periodic Orbits in the
Homogeneous Quartic Oscillator potential,
J. Phys. A. 36 p.1095 (2003).
(7) Mehta M. P., Mittal A. K. and Dwivedi S.,  The Double -cusp Map for the Forced Lorenz System, Int. J. Bif. Chaos 13,
p. 3029-3035 (2003). 
(8) Balakrishnan R. and Mehta M. P. Geometric Phase in a Bose-Einstein Josephson junction, Eur. Phys. J. D33, p. 437-446 (2005). 
(9) Mehta M. P. and Sen A.  Death Island Boundaries for Delay-coupled Oscillator Chains, Phys.Lett. A. 355 p. 202-206 (2006). 
(10) Mehta M. P., Dutta S. Tiwari S. A quaternionic map for the steady states  of the Heisenberg Spin-Chain, Phys. Lett. A. 378 p. 362-366 (2014).
(11)  Mehta M. P. and Dutta G. Life-time and degree dependent connection  probability in networks, presented at ICMES-2014, published in Mathematical 
sciences international research journal 3 p.184-186 (2014).   
(12)  Dutta G. and Mehta M.P. Comment on Yet another encounter with the  golden ratio Euro. J. Phys 27 p. 068002-068005 (2016). 

Papers in  National Journals

(1) Sitaram B.R. and M. P. Mehta, Time Dependent Canonical Perturbation Theory:I:General Theory,
Pramana-J. Phys., 45, p. 141-148 (1995).
(2) Mehta M.P. and Sitaram B.R., Time Dependent Canonical Perturbation Theory:II:
Application to the Henon-Heiles system,
 Pramana-J. Phys., 45, p. 149-164 (1995).
(3) Mehta M.P. and Sitaram B.R., Time Dependent Canonical Perturbation Theory:III:
Application to a system with non constant unperturbed frequencies,
Pramana-J. Phys., 46, p.323-329 (1996).

Papers in Conferences:

(1) Mehta M. P., Phase-space Survivors in Physics, proceedings of the conference on ``Dynamical Systems: Recent
Developments'' held at Hyderabad (India), Ed.s V. Srinivasan,
A. K. Kapoor and P. K. Panigrahi (Allied Publishers Ltd., Hyderabad)  Nov. (1999)
(2)  Mehta M. P., Sen A. and Johnston G. L.  Amplitude Death States of a Ring of Nonlocally-coupled Limit-cycle Oscillators with Time
., conference proceedings of ``National Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics'', Chennai, India Feb. 6-8 (2006).
(3)  Mehta M. P.,  Equilibrium States of Delay Coupled Oscillator Chains,  
Proceedings of ``National Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics'', SINP, India
  March 5-7 (2009).
(4)  Bhavsar Y. and Mehta M. P.  Analysis and Visualisation of health data from the CAB database, 
IEEE sposored International conference on algorithms, methodology models and
Applications-ICMMA Chennai 16th to 18th Feb. (2017).


 Conference Presentations (unpublished)

(1) Seema A. Datt M., Mehta M. P.,  Application of big data analytics for 
understanding biological networks,
 Int-Bio-Nano 2016 Amity University, Gwalior, Feb. 10-12 (2016).
(2) Nimawat P., Mehta M. P., Datt M.,  Novel graph theoretic approach for data mining
 human protein interactome, 
Int-Bio-Nano 2016 Amity University, Gwalior,
Feb. 10-12 (2016).
(3)  Mitaxi M.  A variant of the mid-point monodromy algorithm, CNLD-2016 Kolkata,
 Dec. 16th to 18th (2016).



Academic Year 2016-17:

Semester I:

1. MA100: Calculus and differential equations (B.Tech. Mech. and Chem.)

2. Mathematics (M.Tech.)

Semester II:

1. MA 101: Discrete mathematics 

   This course is being taught in the enable mode  using both lectures and coding projects.

Subjects taught previously:

1. Mechanics (B.Tech.)

2. Mechanics Lab (B.ech.)

3. Electromagntic Theory (B.Tech.)

4. Linear algebra (B.Tech.)

5. Calculus and differential equations (B.Tech.)

6. Discrete Mathematics. (B.Tech.)

7. Mathematics (M.Tech.)



  • Chairperson ICC (2015-17)
  • Member : Academic committee SEAS, chair of the Post Graduate program (Sem.1 2016-17)
  • Coordinator: Enrollments at SEAS for AU-wide HASS courses (2016-17)
  • Resorce person:  national team selection camp for International Physics Olympiad (2016) 
  • Resource person: International Physics Olympiad (2015)
  • Member : Student affairs committee (2015-16)
  • Member : Consulting team, Kumbhathon-5, Nashik (2015)
  • Chairperson of ``Women development cell'' at IET for the year (2014-15)
  • Institute timetable management (2014-15)
  • Member : AU project based learning'' faculty group  (2013-15)
  • Coordinator: students volunteers for (1) Olin college's ADE project at Bharatpur (2) MIT's project
       on water quality at Ahmedabad India. (2014-15).
  • Member: AUSEAC (2012-14)
  • Coordinator: Admissions (2013-14)
  • Member: Faculty search: (2012-13)
  • Non-residential hostel warden at BITS Goa
  • Student counselor at BITS Goa
  • Faculty in charge for the summer school activity of BITS Goa at BISAG, Gandhinagar




136, School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Ahmedabad University,
Ahmedabad Education Society FP. 4,
Near Commerce Six Roads,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009, India


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