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Local LAN And Internet Facilities

Students, faculty and visitors at the SEAS having the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within campus. SEAS has campus Wi-Fi and Local LAN Network. SEAS have more than 2000 node LAN connection across the campus it includes all LABS ,Library , Auditorium and Admin areas. All institute of Ahmedabad university connected threw fiber connection . AU has 300 mbps internet lease line connection. all connection is secured with hardware base firewall.

SEAS has 100 mbps dedicated internet fiber line; 2 HP Layer 3 switches for core networking; 58 HP Layer 2 switches for distributed networking; 1 HP Wi-Fi router controller with license of more then 125 connections; 80 Wi-Fi access points; More than 2000 node LAN network; 5 HP G8 series servers; HP backup drive with Norton backup software; HP Storage drive; Fortinet Hardware based Firewall; 120 CCTV IP based cameras including NVR system for surveillance; 80 Door access systems.