Old Age Home: A Play

Old Age Home: A Play
April 11, 2018 2:00 PM   SEAS   Cultural Event

The central theme of the play deals with the fact that today's generation does not want to take care of their parents. They have many reasons for that, one of it being "Parents are orthodox and cannot adjust in their modern society”.

The play revolves around a family which consists of an elderly couple (i.e. mother and father), their son and his wife. Furthermore, the story is supported by characters such as wife's friend, husband of that friend and the manager of the old age home.

The plot of the play is that the son leaves his mother at the old age home because there was no one to look after her, Unbeknownst to him, she had brought him from the orphanage for the very same reason that no one is there to took his care. But her mother didn’t let him know that he is not her real child, so that he can grow up to feel safe in the comfort of an alien home. 

The play was very well received by the students of the college. It was the first play that was enacted by the students and they wish to continue doing so in the coming semesters.


The cast and crew were:
Directed and Managed By:  
Yash Goswami & Dhruv Desai                                                                         

Script Writer:                                                  
Nildeep Jadav  
Foram Vadher Mother Pinal Gajera Wife Tirth Gadhvi Husband Manav Trivedi Father Naishi Shah Wife's Friend Manthan Shah Friend's Husband Yash Goswami Manager Mohit Vaswani Receptionist Dhruv Desai Narrator 
Prashant Bajak, Devarsh Modi 
Aatman Dholakia 
Backstage Support: 
Aayush Panara (Management and Lightning)
Harsh Chaudhary (Management and Lightning)
Mohit Vaswani (Stage Setup)
Jaydeep  (Stage Setup)
Rudresh Soni (Stage Setup) 


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