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The School of Engineering and Applied Science aspires to become an engineering institution that:

  • nurtures engineers who can learn, analyze and adapt quickly to real world problems; 
  • facilitates handling of complexity by providing project-based learning; 
  • is compact, smart and focuses with deep competence on strategic disciplines;
  • and hosts specialized, multidisciplinary research centres of impact. 



The School aims to prepare engineers and scientists who:

  • are ready for a complex, diverse and global work environment;
  • can work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner at interfaces of traditional disciplines;
  • can negotiate the ethos of automation and specialized skills with the ability to learn, critically analyse, and

  • creatively respond to a changing world. 


We are part of Ahmedabad University, whose antecedents reside in the venerable Ahmedabad Education Society. We are strategically located in the heart of Ahmedabad city. With renowned institutes like CEPT, Physical Research Laboratory, and IIM-Ahmedabad within walking distance, we are part and parcel of a thriving cross-pollinating knowledge ecosystem. We cultivate and nurture active linkages with industries and academic institutions in Gujarat, in India, and across the world.

Academic Programs

The Institute of Engineering and Technology offers:

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) programmes in the following disciplines:

  • Information and Communication Technology (from July, 2012)
  • Chemical Engineering (from July, 2014)
  • Mechanical Engineering (from July, 2014)

MTech programme in Computer Science and Engineering, (from July, 2014)

Ph.D. programmes in the following disciplines (starting from July, 2013)

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT), covering the broad areas of
    • Communication and Signal Processing,
    • Computer Science and Engineering,
    • VLSI systems
  • Chemical Engineering (ChE), covering broadly the areas of
    • Applied Chemistry,
    • Chemical and Materials Engineering