Use Of Social Media Platforms By Women Entrepreneurs - An Exploratory Study

Anjali Choksi ; Bijal Mehta


The digital platform and the Social Media network, with their dynamic nature and fastest growing reach are becoming the most used tools for people to stay connected for personal relationship management as well as for business development and marketing. In 2007, the top four states for SSI units owned by women entrepreneurs were Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Gujarat featured on the ninth position with a 5.5 % contribution (A study by 2007). Gujarat has come a long way since then.

This study aims to understand how aware are women entrepreneurs about various social media tools and how do they use the same for business progress. Findings from the study can be used by women (either in business or in profession) to know how creatively other people are using SM for business, the various channels available, type and appropriateness of content to put on different platforms and whether the use of SM is valuable for their business based on type of clients and context for targeted customers.


Social Media, Digital, Internet, Entrepreneurship, Women entrepreneurs

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