Role Of Network Capabilities In Internationalization Of New Ventures In Emerging Economies: A Contingent Effect Of Industry Concentration And Liberalization

Abrar Ali Saiyed


Internationalization of new venture (INV) is the interest of inquiry for the last more than 20 years. Though many researchers have looked at different factors and their impact on speed, scope, and intensity of internationalization in new ventures, still this stream of research is at nascent stage ., The study examines the role of firm’s network capabilities (business group affiliation) and its impact on internationalization in the new venture in emerging economies. It also explains that how industry concentration and liberalization of economy change relationship between business group affiliation and internationalization in emerging economies. Based on a dataset of new ventures from 67 industries founded in India during the transition period of 1994 to 2014, our results suggest that ventures with business group affiliation focus on domestic market, the focus changes from domestic market to international when there is high industry concentration and with the liberalization of the economy.


International New Ventures, Business Groups, Emerging Economies

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