Exploring The Structure And Functional Elements Of The Dabgarwad Community Market

Preet Kaur, Rushi Pandya, Siddhartha Saxena
siddhartha.saxena@ahduni.edu.in, rushi.pandya@ahduni.edu.in AMRUT MODY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT


Abstract: Dabgarwad market which is located in the heart of the city, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is an age-old market with a rich history and a set of unique traits that define the market under an exceptional light. In the era of globalization where market structures are transforming and becoming competitive each day, such traditional market systems may be under threat and even on the verge of extinction. Therefore, it would be necessary to explore and understand the structure, characteristics functional capacity and challenges these markets confront to survive. The present study by using qualitative survey design collected comprehensive data in an attempt to explore and discuss the features of Dabgarwad community market. The report provides comprehensive information on the background of the community studied which includes the cluster statistic, the cluster location, age pattern of the shopkeepers, educational qualifications of the shopkeepers, and the business operation types. However, the main research questions provide information on (1) key performers in Dabgarwad community market, (2) products that Dabgarwad community market produces, (3) cluster association and communication in Dabgarwad community market, (4) the sources of knowledge generation in Dabgarwad community market, and finally (5) the challenges that Dabgarwad community market faces. The comprehensive understanding of this traditional market system will have a few lessons to offer for community based business as well as they will serve as a guideline for any intervention offered to boost the potential of these markets.


Dabgarwad, community, market, traditional market

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