VentureStudio Fellows Create Virtual Tour for their Campus

VentureStudio Fellows Create Virtual Tour for their Campus
September 17, 2016 Research

Virtua360, a startup incubated at VentureStudio has made a virtual tour of the VentureStudio campus. The credit goes to two VS Fellows, Prahar Shukla (Left) and Deep H Patel (Right).

Virtua360 gives an impressive way to showcase your business by providing high-quality virtual tours. It provides an interactive imagery where one can navigate a full 360-degree field of view. It also provides 360-degree videography solutions, this approach can come handy for marketing and promoting one's business.

Apart from 360 degree tours, Virtua360 is also offering Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. The device integrates virtual reality in a smartphone. It is a pocket friendly device which gives immersive experience of VR.

Take the 360 VentureStudio Tour:

Visit for more details.

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