Centre for Learning Futures

The Centre for Learning Futures at Ahmedabad University aims at inculcating a culture of collaborative learning. It is an independent centre that facilitates acquisition of knowledge and skills with a focus to improve comprehension of concepts, ideas, world-views, values, and theories. The Centre is also responsible for helping students improve comprehension of course materials and strengthen writing skills. Upon assessing the students after admission and at the beginning of each school year, the centre develops customized learning programmes to enhance reading and writing aptitudes and monitor progress. It also organizes additional courses and workshops related to reading and writing. As a parallel service, the centre plans to develop a Writer’s Clinic to assist faculty and students with their research writing and projects. It encourages creating a dialogic space for one-to-one interaction for reviewing academic papers and research proposals.

The centre takes a holistic approach to the philosophy of knowledge building and is dedicated to creating an integrated culture of learning new ideas, reading new texts, imbibing the plural methods of comprehension and interpretation; improvise newer and innovative ways of expression. It seeks to instil a spirit of inquiry into knowledge and education, enable the generation of critical perspectives, and enhance modes of thinking through innovations in learning for a better tomorrow.

The Centre has also plans to set up newer initiatives such as:

  • The Reading India Series
  • Writer’s Clinic
  • Social outreach programs targeted towards enhancing the pool of educational resources available for underprivileged learners
  • Conducting workshops, short courses and seminars directed towards exploring new forms of academic learning and research
  • Develop a library for Learning Futures
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