Digital Curve, an initiative by the Centre for Learning Futures, aims to bring the power of computation and digital technology to bear on all aspects of teaching, learning, and research. The initiative houses the Digital Lab, a dedicated space for students to work on digital technology and new media projects.

Digital Curve Lab

The Digital Curve Lab works on projects at the intersection of immersive media visualisation, technologies, visual analytics, aesthetics, and cultural (big) data. With the availability of tools, software, and equipment, the Lab will provide an opportunity for students to explore and experiment with digital technology to learn new skills to create innovative projects. The Lab will develop projects in the following thematic areas:

  • Interactive archives and emergent narratives focused on new modes of knowledge creation from digital cultural archives through immersive visualisation and interactive narrative.
  • Image science, visual computing, and data curation of new documentation technologies to objects, places and people, pioneering solutions for the acquisition of high resolution and high fidelity data.
  • Immersive visualisation and pedagogy for VR, AR, gamification, and advanced computer graphics.

The Initiative provides the following services to the faculty and students:

  • Consultation: The Lab will offer one-on-one and small group consultations for students and Faculty who would like advice and recommendations on digital tools, designing digital outputs for projects and courses. 
  • Digital Curve Archive: The archive will hold data and media collection developed during projects for access by the University community.
  • Graduate Internships and Capstone Collaboration: The Lab will facilitate collaborative projects with digital media outputs for students doing Graduate Internships and Capstone projects.

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Digital Lab Projects

Arboretum Explorer

Bhumi Shah

The movement of plants is often barely perceptible to the human eye, which leads many of us to assume that the plant world is fixed and inert. What are the dynamics of the bio community at the macro and micro scale? The Digital Exhibit explores different ways to give voice to the ecosystem of the Arboretum and brings to life the slow and subtle movements of trees and surrounding ecology. The project aims to create an interactive digital biodiversity map and develop an ongoing database resource of campus biodiversity.

Stepwell Blog
The horticulture team begins the tagging of about 300 plants in the Arboretum.
Stepwell Internet Radio
Digital Curve begins manual survey for identifying position of plants in the Arboretum.
Stepwell Internet Radio
Georeferencing plants through satellite images using Google Earth.