Siddhartha S Saxena

Areas of interest
Data Analytics, Future of work, Dark side of Organisations, Role Congruity, Talent Management, Organization Analysis, SNA, Entrepreneurship, Family businesses(Focusing on Succession planning)
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After obtaining  MBA in Human resource Management in  2010 from  AESPGIBM, Gujarat university . Joined  Organizational behavior  Area, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA),(2010- 2015).  Presently  faculty at  AmSom in  Management  area. Developed skills to analyze and carry out 360 feedbacks, CPI analysis and CVF framework, besides designing and teaching course on Human resource Management, Industrial relations and Designing effective organizations  for  MBA students at Amrut Mody School of Management and  Amrita Business school. Presented my research work on platforms like UNESCO- APEID, PAN IIM Conferences .Besides that  wrote papers for journals,cases  and  working papers at IIM A.Won  best young case writer award by ET  cases at FLAME conference.



My teaching philosophy rests on  encouragement of providing concrete  information which   stands true with reference to current scenarios of business. Particular emphasis is on the promotion of analyzing situations based on frameworks which theory provides, and accordingly develop their own out of box solutions . Learning is done by exploring and not by limiting or restricting your options



Business and  Management education  domain  are  constantly changing and it also means constant  analysis and understanding  of its true context.  For me research is  to explore those  ideas which might be very minute but  gets unnoticed and can bring changes if carried forward properly. It also get affected  by minds you are working along with.

 Professors worked with

  Prof T V  Rao                              Prof  Neharika Vohra            Prof  Deepti Bahtnagar

  Prof Premila D Cruz                   Prof  Kirti Sharda                   Prof Ernesto Noronha

  1. UGRP  : Project Ahmedabad : Study of Micro-Entrepreneurs and Enterprises Carrying out research work on  understading  network theory implications in family businesse, along       with  Prof  Rushi Pandya
  2. Carrying out research  work on understanding role congruity among female business owners
  3. Ahmedabad under MICRO-scope - Study on Micro Scale Entrepreneurs and Enterprises along with  Prof  Rushi Pandya

  4. Carrying out research on education for  succession planning  along with Prof Sudhir Pandey  & Prof Amit Diwedi(EDI)

  5. Carrying out research on behavioral and decision making styles of  young family business owner
  6. Carried out  research on   interpersonal trust among creative teams at newly formed teams.
  7. Carrying out content analysis of open ended 360 feedback  reports for  R & D  organization and  PGP  batch of  IIM Ahmedabad  to establish whether   base work for understanding 360 feedback really acting as antecedent for  future performance
  8. Field work for   understanding inclusive practices adopted by Microsign Products, Bhavnagar , company which  has  won awards for having 80 %  differently abled  workforce in  Manufacturing   sector
  9. Working  on experimental designs and  its use in OB  teaching going on with   Prof Sharvari Dalal




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  3.  Dash, S., & Saxena, S. (2015). Working Mothers at the Crossroads – Work Family Conflict and Childcare .Siddhant-A Journal of Decision Making Year : 2015, Volume : 15, Issue : 2 134- 142  Print ISSN : 2231-0649. Online ISSN : 2231-0657
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  6.  Saxena, S. & Premapuri, P. (2012)  Employee  volunteerism: Organisation  Oriented   Corporate  Social responsibility. Voice of Research . June Vol 1(1) – ISSN 2277-773


  1.   Saxena, S. & Thaker, N. (2017) Management lessons not learnt from the visit to Mausar: A perspective on rathyatra Ahmedabad. Presented at IIM Raipur.
  2.  Saxena, S. (2015).WBS Merchandise the case of lost exclusivity. Case presented at FLAME conference. Shortlisted for publication by ET cases.comin there case repository
  3. Vohra, N., & Saxena, S. (2015). Microsign. Registered case at IIM Ahmedabad(OB Temp221). ( Under Review).
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  1. Vohra, N., Saxena, S.,& Dadhich, H.(2015). Microsign(Teaching note). Registered at IIM Ahmedabad( OB Temp221). ( Under Review


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  4. Saxena, S. & Arora, R. (2015). Human Capital Management -CSR and  Its impact on Human Resource Management in India”. Book publication to be announced.
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     1 Saxena, S. (2012). New  Paradigms of  Leadership and Governance . IIM A  

    Alumnus  Magazine. Vol 44(3). IIM Ahmedabad .

 Working papers at IIM Ahmedabad

  1.   Rao, T.V. , & Saxena, S. (2014). Measuring and Managing Institutional Environment   

         Of Institutes of Professional Education. IIM Ahmedabad. Working paper . W.P. No.   

         IIM Ahmedabad. Working paper . W.P. No.2014-03-05.

       2.Rao, T.V.,Saxena, S., Sherry Chand, V. (2014). What employers value in the   

         MBAs they recruit: Rebalancing the management education curriculum .

         WP2014- 06-05

      Conference  Proceedings

  1. Saxena, S. & Sanjana S.(2015). Institutional Environment Measuring Press using Stern’s activity index for a B school at Managing in the Indian Institutional Context at 4th Biennial Conference, IIM Lucknow.
  2. Saxena, S. &  Neerpal,R  .(2015).  Measuring OCB  in  Learning  Organisation : An empirical study at Managing in the Indian Institutional Context at 4th Biennial Conference, IIM Lucknow.
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  5. Saxena, S. & Das, S. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility: A game changer today and  tomorrow.  Paper uploaded at  Teach, Managed by IIM Bangalore.
  6. Saxena, S, Rathi, N.& Premapuri, P. (2013). Talent Management as a competitive advantage Nurturing excellence. South Asian Management Research and Case Conference, 2013. IIM Banagalore.
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  11. Saxena, S., & Rao, T.V. (2015). Measuring and Managing Institutional Environment of Institutes- A representative study. BITS  Pilani  ICEBM 2015.
  12. Saxena, S. &  Vishwanathan, S. (2012). Framework/s to Improve Entrepreneurial Potential of Developing Countries. 15th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia( Paper available  on .

 I am involved  in teaching  following courses,

  1. Dark Side of Organisations
  2.  Future of work 
  3. People Analytics 
  4. Industrial relations and  Labour Laws
  5.   Human Resource Management
  6.   Organizational Behaviour
  7.   Strategic Human Resource Management
  8.   Experimental Designs for Management
  9. Creativity for Entrepreneurial Excellence
  10. Human Resource Management


Working on Route camp with Beardo 


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