Bijal Mehta

Associate Professor
PhD (Sardar Patel University)
Areas of interest
Marketing of services, Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing,

Dr. Bijal Mehta has been actively involved with higher education institutions as an academician since the year 2004 with institutions namely the AMA as visiting faculty, IIM – A as Research Associate,  the Gujarat University and the Ahmedabad University as a full time faculty. She has worked in industry in marketing, consulting and training areas for 4 years prior to joining the academic profession. Her industry experience at India and the south-east encompasses knowledge management, training & development and business development.

Bijal ‘s research work is primarily in the areas of Marketin Communication, Entrepreneurship and Services viz. Financial services, tourism and hospitality services , heritage management, and marketing on the digital and  social media platforms. Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research interests her. She has written more than 15 research papers in various national and international publications, developed case studies and has published material in the form of chapter(s) in books on entrepreneurship and social media. She is on the Editorial Board and is associated as reviewer with National and International Journals. She is also guiding and mentoring candidates at the post graduate and doctoral level programmes. Bijal is an Alumna of the Assumption University of Thailand, the IIM-A Faculty Development Programme in Management (FDP-M) and has been to Cranfield University, Cambridge University and Polish Institute of Computer Sciences, Poland as an Academic Visitor from Ahmedabad University.


Bijal's research (broadly) attempts to address the following 

1. How consumers search for information and make decisions in digital environments?

2. How do online networks and relationships impact perceptions & decision-making?

3. How do interpersonal social networks impact social capital of individuals in businesses?

Research interests include:

-- Entrepreneurship and marketing for start-ups

-- Relevance of Digital Communication and Marketing for start-ups and service firms

-- Marketing of Tourism and Hospitality Services

-- Changing Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Age 



Published Papers:

  • Bijal Mehta and Rasananda Panda. “Marketing of sports brands via social media to the young Indian consumer”.  International Journal of Research in Management and Social Sciences. Volume 6, Issue 1 (IV) : January - March 2018. Page 6 – 12 .
  • Bijal M. Paragi S., “Women entrepreneurs and the fashion boutique business”, in Business Ecosystem: Interplay of key dimensions”. Nilam Panchal (Ed.) HPH Ltd. 2018, pp.59 – 66
  • Vasupradha Srikrishna, Bijal Mehta, Rasananda Panda., “Sense making in organisations: study from selected Indian news media organisations.” Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Management (NICOM 2018). : Societal and organisational transformation through strategic and technological interventions. Excel Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Pp 327 - 334
  • Bijal Mehta, Rasananda Panda, Shraddha Singhania.,” Assessment of the Changing Dynamics of OOH Communication in the Digital and Mobile Marketing Era.  Proceedings of the  NASMEI Summer Marketing Conference: Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Book of abstracts by Emerald Publishing (India) Pvt Ltd. Pp.91
  • Bijal Mehta (co-author)., “Business Models on social media” International Journal of Marketing and Financial Management March 2017. Online ISSN Number 2348 – 3954 ; Impact Factor – 3.430
  • Rasananda Panda, Bijal Mehta, Sravya Vatsavayi. “Opportunities in the emerging market economies”  NOLEGEIN: A Journal of Global Marketing  Vol. 1: Issue 1
  • Bijal Mehta & Anjali Choksi., Use of digital and social media platforms by businesses and professionals . Ahmedabad Chartered Accountants Association Journal May 2017
  • Bijal Mehta ( Co-author) Purpose and use of media channels by start-ups to build a brand. Paper presented and abstract published at the Conference on Brand Management (CBM 2016) IIT Delhi. April 2016
  • Bijal Mehta,  Suniti Vadalkar and Preeta Vyas. Comparison of design and copy elements in tea advertising with focus on Sakal Newspapers at Pune. Paper presented and published at MICA ICMC 2016. February 2016.
  • Bijal Mehta , Rasananda Panda Surbhi Verma. “Emergence and Acceptance of Sharing Economy in India: Understanding through the Case of Airbnb.” International Journal of Online Marketing. Volume 5, Issue 3. 2015. Online link to preview:
  • Bijal Mehta.,Explorations and observations on restaurant service quality at branded and non-branded restaurants. International Journal of Applied Services Marketing Perspectives. ISSN: 2279-0977 (PRINT) ISSN: 2279-0985 (ONLINE); IF- 2012: 3.23, IF-2013: 5.057, IF-2014: 5.871. April – June 2015
  • Bijal Mehta. Rasananda Panda “Neuromarketing - Contour between the proximate and the ultimate level of consumer decision making”. IFRSA Business Review (a quarterly referred journal of International Forum of Researchers and Students Association). ISSN (Print) : 2249 –8168   ISSN (Online) :  2249 –5444. March 2015
  • Bijal Mehta, Dhanya Joseph. “Market Orientation and Internal Marketing” International Journal in Management and Social Science. Impact Factor 3.259. February 2015
  • Bijal Mehta, Anjali Choksi. “Essence of Social Entrepreneurship: Jayshree Industries a Case Study” Paper published in the proceedings of the Eleventh Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI). February 18th – 20th 2015.
  • Bijal Mehta. “Use of the Internet by Indian Travelers in the Travel Cycle (TC)” Paper published in proceedings of the International Conference on Management and Information Systems (ICMIS 2014) at Bangkok –  August 2014.
  • Bijal Mehta and Monali C. “The Role of Communication Strategies in Cause Marketing Initiatives” Indian Journal of Applied Research. (Double Reviewed Indexed Journal) March 2014 issue.
  • Bijal Mehta. “SMAC Technologies in Services Industry” Paper presented and published in International Conference on Technology and Business Management (ICTBM 2014) at Dubai – March 2014.  ISBN: 978-81-924713-6-5
  • Bijal Mehta & Paragi Shah “ A study investigating behavioural nature of an Entrepreneur – An Indian perspective” paper published in Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (online ISSN number 2231-5780; June 2012)
  • Bijal Mehta & Paragi Shah “EBOs vs. MBOs: Men’s Readymade Garment Retail Formats Preferences”  . paper published in proceedings of the 2nd National Conference on Managing for Tomorrow at Amrut Mody School of Management – Ahmedabad University. April 14 – 15 2012 ISBN Number 978 – 81 – 922983-2-0
  • Bijal Mehta and Paragi Shah. “Effect of sales promotions and their availability on consumers’ buying behavior: a perspective on personal hygiene products” Paper published in the Indian Journal of Marketing in November 2012 ISSN Number 2012 0973 - 8703
  •  Bijal Mehta and Paragi Shah. “Measuring service quality in exclusive retail showrooms at Ahmedabad” Paper published in the 14th Nirma International Conference held in January 2011.
  • Bijal Mehta Falguni Pandya  “Fiscal Reforms in India: Strategies and Challenges” Paper accepted for 1st Annual Conference on Business and Management 19th  to 21st March 2009 - Haryana School of Business, Haryana  Published by Vayu Education India Ltd.
  • Bijal Mehta & Shubhra Aanand. “A study of the broker’s perception as distributors of life insurance products for companies – based on perceptual mapping technique –Paper presented and published at International Conference on Marketing Paradigms for emerging economies. IIM-A Jan 2009.
  • Bijal Mehta & Falguni Pandya. “Operational and Regulatory Concerns of Bancassurance at India” –Published in proceedings at   National Conference - Saintgits Institute of Management – June 2008. ISBN Number:81-907196-2-9
  • Bijal Mehta & Shubhra Aanand. “Study of Need Analyzer tools used by life insurance companies for the Indian market” –Paper published in the “Insurance Chronicle” -ICFAI. February 2007

Published Case Studies:

  • “Case Study on Ravi Diamond Tools (RDT) – Marketing Dilemma of an entrepreneur” Bijal Mehta and Paragi Shah. Approved by company and published with the Case Centre – UK. June 2019
  • Bijal Mehta et al.  Case Study on “CNX Jeans Ltd.” – published in the Case Collection of FDP – IIMA. September 2012
  • Case Study on “Bodal Chemicals” published with the AMSOM Case Unit Ahmedabad University 2017
  • Case Study on Shopper’s Stop published for IIM A – Year 2004
  • Case Study on Reliance Infocom published for IIM A – Year 2004
  • Case Study on Australia Tourism published in “MICA Communications Review” – Year 2004

Book Chapters:

  • Bijal Mehta (coauthor) “Social Self-Efficacy and Digital Mediums: What Indian Women Entrepreneurs Say” Chapter contrition to Emerald Book Project on “Go-to-Market Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs: Creating and Exploring Success” May 2019
  • Bijal Mehta., Responsible Marketing in the Digital Age - paper published in edited book “Navigating towards sustainable development: a compilation of concrete initiatives, Edition: 01, Chapter: 18, Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd pp.144 – 148. 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Gujarat. Jhaveri, Hetal, Mehta, Bijal. Edited book, “Entrepreneurship in the Era of Globalisation”, Sunmarg Publishers, March 2014, ISBN: 938260609-2.
  • Bijal Mehta & Shubhra Aanand. “Study of Need Analyzer tools used by life insurance companies for the Indian market” –paper included in the Professional Reference Book of ICFAI on "IUP on Life Insurance in India : Recent Developments" – May 2008

Working Papers:

  • Bijal M., “PACE” a new “P” to transform the Marketing Mix”. Amrut Mody School of Management 2018, Working Paper # AMSOM-WP-2018-06-004
  • Bijal M. and Anjali C, “Use of Social Media Platforms by Women Entrepreneurs – an Exploratory Study”, Amrut Mody School of Management 2017, Working Paper # AMSOM-WP-2017-05-002
  • Bijal M. and Jinal P, “Preferred Mode of Retail Banking Transactions – Offline, Online or Mobile”, Amrut Mody School of Management. AMSOM-WP-2017-05-001
  • Classification of empirical work on sales promotion: a synthesis for managerial decision making. Bijal Mehta Preeta Vyas. Paper. Year 2002

Print Media:

  1. Mehta, B., “Perception Shapers and Drivers”, article in the “Amdavad Book” published by DNA Mumbai. November 2018
  2. Mehta, B., Anjali C., “Analysing NET GAINS and business progress, “Daily News and Analysis” Ahmedabad. September 04, 2017.
  3. Mehta B., “Managerial Skill development critical for entrepreneurs and family businesses”. Daily News and Analysis” Ahmedabad.  9th June 2015
  4. Mehta B., Education on “Need for better educationists” Daily News and Analysis” Ahmedabad 26th May 2015

Bijal has taught courses as follows:

- Marketing Management

-Sales and Distribution Management

- Advertising and Sales Promotion Management

-Business Communication

-Services Marketing

-Digital Marketing

-Tourism and Hospitality Management

-Marketing of Financial Services

-Qualitative Research Methods (Offered and taught the course for PG and Doctoral programme students)


In-Charge - Doctoral Programme in Management AMSOM

Coordinator - Marketing Area AMSOM

Coordinator - Research Seminar Series AMSOM

Resource Person:


-- Invited for a YouTube Live with ICAI on “How to Write a Research Paper”  13 May 2019

--Invited for an FB Live with ICAI on “Balancing Work and Life amid COVID 19” 29 April 2020

--Invited for a FB Live with “Multi Tasking Mommies” on “Corona Se Darona Ghar Beithe Business Karona – April 2020

--Invited for a special talk on “Women’s Day” to address the young customer service professionals at the VFS – Visa Center Ahmedabad – March 2020

--Invited for a Facebook Live Interview by “Communication Matters” on “Beyond Google and Social Media” – December 2019

--Conducted a workshop with the “Knowledge Seekers Academy at Ahmedabad on “Being Smart About Social Media” – December 2019

--Invited as a speaker to the “LinkedIn Chapter” at Ahmedabad for a talk on the “Digital Divide” November 2019

--Mehta B. “Writing an effective case study and teaching note”  Workshop conducted by invitation at International Conference on Management & Information Systems (ICMIS 2019), Bangkok, Thailand October 2019

--Mehta B. “I am in the number game. Do I need to do research?” Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI. 16th  April 2018

--Mehta B. “Workshop on Digital & Social Media-The New Found Tool for business Success "A digital capsule for Women Professionals to effectively leverage Digital Media to make a professional impact.” Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI. 9th April 2018

--Invited as Chairperson to the “National Youth Summit- 2018” Gujarat University. January 2018

--Resource Person in the U.G.C sponsored STC on Excellence in Research Methodology and Data Analysis (28/09/16 to 30/09/16) for University and College Teachers.

--Co-Chair for the National Youth Summit on Education - Gujarat University January 2016

--Resource Person for the session on “Exercise on Content Analysis” at the FDP on Qualitative Research conducted by N R Institute of Business Administration in collaboration with GLS Center for Research and Development ,18 – 20 December 2014

At Ahmedabad University:

  • FDP Coordinator for FDP on How to write an effective case – AMSoM PGIM –Ahmedabad University – January 2011
  • FDP Coordinator for the Case Method of Teaching and Learning – AMSoM PGIM Ahmedabad University - December 2010
  • Conference Coordinator for the 3rd National Conference on “Managing for Tomorrow- issues & challenges” held in 2014.
  • Conference Coordinator for the 2nd National Conference on “Managing for Tomorrow- Emerging challenges for Indian Businesses” April 2012
  • Conference Coordinator for the First National Conference on “Managing for tomorrow” at AMSOM – Ahmedabad University January 2010

Professional Memberships:

Research and Reviewership related:

  •  Advisor:
  • Reviewer–International Journal of Scientific Research & Management–since March 2016
  • Review Committee Member - 1st International Conference on Advances in Science and Engineering 2015 (iCase2k15) tentatively scheduled in January 2015 at SVBIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat India
  • PhD Supervisor / Co-supervisor at ICFAI-Jharkhand.
  • Doctoral Thesis Examiner for various universities.
  • Supervisor for Master’s Degree dissertation for IGNOU enrolled MBA Candidate. Candidate awarded the degree in 2015
  • Reviewer for Academy of Management  ( NY Annual Meeting to be held in August 2016.
  • Member in Board of Reviewers - MERC Global's International Journal of Management since August 2014
  • ‘Associate Editor’ Pezzottaite Journals since May 2014.
  • Board Members & Review Panel of The SIJ Transactions on Industrial, Financial & Business Management (IFBM) – Standard International Journals.
  • External Reviewer for Apeejay Journal on Management – Jalandhar since September 2011

  1. Visited the Cranfield Univesity and Cambridge University in the months of Nov - Dec 2016 as an Academic Visitor through the Academic Immersion Program from Ahmedabad University.
  2. Visited XLRI Jamshedpur for the MAXI Fair 2015 to derive important insights on the same.
  3. Attended workshop on “Bibliometric tools and techniques” at All India Management Association , New Delhi 25-26 July 2014
  4. Attended an FDP on Research Methods at AMSoM – December 2013.
  5. Attended a Strategy Simulation Workshop at IIM – A  in August 2012
  6. Attended FDP on “Personal Growth” at E-MBA – AMSoM. January to March 2011
  7. Attended FDP on “Management Science” at E-MBA – AMSoM.
  8. Attended two workshops on the case method of teaching and learning at AMSOM PGIM – December 2010 and January 2011.
  9. Attended the “Planning and Strategy Workshop” at AMSoM PGIM – January 2011
  10. Attended the Ahmedabad University Youth Conference on “Demographic Dividend” March 2011
  11. Attended a seminar on branding by Mr. Piyush Pandey O & M – October 2010
  12. Attended a two day workshop on Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) held by the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat” in October 2010.
  13. “Marketing Paradigms for emerging economies – IIM Ahmedabad January 2009
  14. Third National Case Writing Workshop – Nirma University 9 – 11 June 2008.
  15. UGC Supported workshop on Data mining at B.K School of Business Management – 17 /18 March 2008.
  16. ICFAI – 2 days Communication and Stress Management workshop – November 2007.


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