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Dean’s Message

I am pleased to welcome you to our website. The Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSOM), Ahmedabad University, is proud to be the first MBA Institute in Gujarat to have Grade A accreditation from NAAC.

The Institute has always seen excellence in contemporary management education, as the first priority. We do this by equipping our graduates with relevant knowledge; managerial, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills; as well as attitudes with proper emphasis on values.

The faculty with a mix of academic and industry experience, beautiful and functional building just in front of IIM-A, Wi-Fi campus, computational facilities, up-to-date library with on-shelf and on-line resources, service-oriented non-teaching staff and passionate student body make the AMSOM a much sought-after institution in the field of education in business administration at higher level.

Continuous updating of courses, addition of newer courses as well as periodic and thorough review of curriculum in the context of changing business and societal needs are prominent in our endeavour. The institute offers a delicate blend of theory and practice in programme delivery. The institute follows a semester model and provides greater flexibility and Choice Based Credit System to the students.

As a leading Management Institute in this region, we hold a strong corporate outreach programme through various activities, advisory groups and through our alumni working as successful entrepreneurs and professionals all over the country. However, as we strive for continuous improvement in the journey towards excellence, your valuable suggestions are solicited.


Professor Devanath Tirupati