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Daud-e-Drishti, the Marathon

Running in marathons is indeed an outstanding achievement. However, running with the thought that your steps have the potential to change somebody’s life fills you with a different kind of pride altogether. At Daud-e-Drishti, you're not just running a Marathon but potentially impacting the lives of the visually unpaired through our donations at the Blind People's Association. 

Daud-e-Drishti, a city-wide marathon, aims to connect everyone through a thrilling early morning run while also giving the experience of running a marathon to a few blind people. Imagine hundreds of people wearing the same t-shirts, forming new friendships and running together for a noble cause. It would be a sight to behold! By the end of the run, you will leave with a sense of camaraderie and purpose, creating an impact on a personal, interpersonal, and social level. And worry not, we have also covered your post-run fatigue with a scrumptious breakfast! So, will you make it to the end, or will your legs give out?

For any queries, please contact Sakshi Mundra on +91.9409349474

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The Slum Revolution

Amdawad Safarnama: The Heritage Walk

Ahmedabad, India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City, is known to be one of the most modern cities in India, yet steeped in history and culture. We at Ahmedabad University recognise and cherish the importance of heritage and have made it a fundamental value of our system. And thus, we bring to you Safarnama, a heritage walk that will allow you to experience the glory of Ahmedabad's heritage- its old city. 

Safarnama is a 2 km stretch of the old quarter that holds numerous pols, carved wooden houses, chabutras for feeding birds, and many more Instagram-worthy aesthetic sites. It will be a delight to have you join us on this journey of exploring the old city and observing the nature of its architecture, art, religious places, culture, and traditions.

However, this event has limited seats. So if you don't want to miss it, you should register asap!

For any queries, please contact Badri Patel on +91.9737438282

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The Slum Revolution


Have you been dreaming of a spectacular concert at Ahmedabad University for ages? Well, we have made it true for you!

Authentic ‘jalsa’ is where fun is in the air, love is in our hearts, and music runs through our veins. ETHOS JALSA is all this and more! An exuberant concert brought to you by none other than ETHOS would leave you spellbound. Are you imagining yourself, hands in the air, vibrating flashlights all around you, just lost in the music of our very favourite artist? Well, keep checking on us to be the first to know the ARTIST! Get ready to dive into the best evening of your life! 

For any queries, please contact Yashika Tahilani on +91.8733825291

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The Slum Revolution

Sham Mastani

Art is an expression of the artist's inner world. We have admired art but haven’t truly experienced it beyond its tangible realm. Through Sham Mastani, we aspire to create an evening where you can experience not just the art but the infinite thoughts, emotions, and feelings that manifest with it.

Sham Mastani is a cultural evening centred around “NavaRasa”, the nine human emotions. An event where you can feel your feelings and express your emotions through the expression of various art forms via activities like body painting, horror house, poetry, rap, etc. You are in for a dive into an ocean of emotions with our uniquely crafted Rasas. You are in for a night!

For any queries, please contact Debolina Chakraborty on +91.9153155068 or Akash Deb on +91.9537748684

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