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Mystery Room

Mystery Room: The Art of Escape

Be it Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, or Byomkesh Bakshi, this Mystery Room that we have created is going to be a hard nut to crack for anyone. From real experiments to logical clues to an art heist, you are in for an adrenaline rush and a once-in-a-lifetime experience of solving a mystery within an escape room. If you think you resemble Daya and can break open doors, this is your chance! Register in teams of 5 (or individually) and start preparing yourself for this fantastic experience. Let's see which team can escape from the mystery room!

For any queries, please contact Kirti Pishe on +91.7022899751

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Fast and Curious

Fast and Curious

Do you often question things that society considers taboo? Or do you often feel trapped inside “the box’’ of various sayings and superstitions? Everyday challenges and issues which we often don't even attend to remain taboo for years. But this time, we'll address them, solve them and escape the 'box'.  

Through Fast and Curious, we just have one aim: to shorten the gap between generational taboos and begin conversations, create awareness and bring forth creative and easy solutions to the everyday challenges the youth face in Indian society through quick, outside-the-box thinking.

So if your Instagram bio says that you’re curious, we challenge you to participate in Fast and Curious and prove it to the world! For starters, try asking your Dad to bring a pack of sanitary pads for you while he’s returning from the office. 

For any queries, please contact Dhriti Chawla on +91.8810690061

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