Research Internship Programme

Research Internship Programme in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Are you passionate about the mysteries of the universe? Does the thought of conducting groundbreaking research in astrophysics and cosmology drive you? Join the Research Internship Programme at the International Centre for Space and Cosmology and unlock your research potential.

The Programme is designed specifically to cater to the needs of students with a profound research interest in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology. It allows you a project-based research experience that enables the advancement of astrophysics and cosmology. 

Our Programme is dedicated to fostering a conducive environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving. Engaging in such research-based internships can have a transformative impact on your future academic and professional endeavours. 

Key Programme Features

  • Gain research experience in astrophysics and cosmology
    Collaborate with renowned experts in the field
    Cutting-edge projects in the forefront of cosmic exploration
    Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Why Choose our Programme?

  • An engaging internship to enhance your future research opportunities
    A transformative experience that goes beyond classroom learning
    A strong foundation for future academic and professional success

Programme Details

  • Duration: Minimum two months, extendable upto one year
  • Open to Postdoc, PhD, undergraduate, and graduate students

To apply

  • Application deadline: Open through the academic year
  • Apply with your CV including your research interests at [email protected]

Ignite your passion for research.

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