Global Centre for Environment and Energy

Global Centre for Environment and Energy is a one-of-its-kind Centre of Excellence at Ahmedabad University. The Centre fosters and pursues interdisciplinary academic research, and designs technological and social experimentation related to environment, energy and natural resources. The Centre undertakes scientific studies to assess alternative energy sources, new technology, global climate change and its impact, energy efficiency policies and technologies, environment economics and conservation, mitigation policies, waste water recovery, behavioural models in energy and environment, evolution and biology related to climate change.

The Centre has a strong policy focus evidenced by deep research in sciences, technology, economics, psychology, management and other disciplines. It is envisioned as an international institute and a centre of excellence that will build an integrated perspective on issues related to environment, energy, and natural resources.


To discover and address research needs at the interfaces of three vital global challenges - environment, energy and sustainability.

The Centre aims to be a global leader in research and education to address world challenges through interlinking policy, entrepreneurship, science and technology. It draws on researchers, teachers, experts and students across the University and offers them a platform to explore, innovate, integrate and solve complex social, technical and economic issues. The Centre offers opportunities for public-private partnership to develop sustainable environment and energy options for future generations. It builds on Ahmedabad University’s core areas of research and education and collaborates with global institutions of excellence working in the areas of environment, energy and sustainability.


Sustainability Seminar Series

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