Theme: Craft, Culture and Community: Understanding Intangible Heritage and Cultural Landscapes

Date and Venue:

4 – 16 December 2019
Ahmedabad University as the base and revolving around selected sites in Ahmedabad, and in Kutch, Gujarat, India.


Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University is pleased to announce the 2019 International Field School on Heritage Studies and Management, with the theme of “Craft, Culture and Community: Understanding Intangible Heritage and Cultural Landscapes”, to be held from 4 December to 16 December 2019 including the three days of International Conference on Heritage Management Education and Practice: Ensuring Fair Access and Inclusion in Heritage Management Processes. The field school is framed as critical exploration of heritage understanding focusing on crafts, culture and communities. Along with the contextual exploration, it also critically engages with the implications of the 2003 UNESCO convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage as well as the 1972 convention on World Natural and Cultural Heritage (but focusing on cultural landscapes) for these heritage under exploration. The faculty and resource persons include recognized faculty in higher education, professionals and community of heritage practitioners from the field.

Learning Objectives

  • To recognize community-perspectives on heritage and its relevance in contemporary society,
  • To articulate nature-culture linkages and intertwined relationship of tangible and intangible heritage,
  • To develop a holistic framework for understanding living crafts in relation to its cultural contexts and associated communities’ viewpoints, and
  • To be able to critique existing discourses on intangible cultural heritage and cultural landscapes in light of selected cases from India.

Components of Field-School

  • Understanding the Context: Global Discourses and Local Realities (4 – 5 December)
  • Participation at the International Conference and engaging with Indian and International Scholars and practitioners, (6 – 8 December), particularly a special round table on the theme of the field-school.
  • Immersive field-learning by engaging with selected crafts communities in and around Ahmedabad and in Kutch region of Gujarat, (9 – 13 December) – including fieldwork, lectures (translation in English provided) by practitioners, and group discussions.
  • Reflection sessions at Ahmedabad University: Seminar-format class room sessions discussing observations and issues, and articulating possible new ways of understanding intangible cultural heritage and cultural landscapes. (14 – 16 December)

Why Ahmedabad and Kutch for field-school?

  • Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University hosting the international conference, offers a unique Masters Degree programme in Heritage Management, and also publishes a Journal of Heritage Management. (for more information visit: www.ahduni.edu.in and www.ahduni.edu.in/chm)
  • Ahmedabad’s context of a mix of urban heritage – old city listed as World Heritage Site in 2017, and city is known for its vibrant festivals, food and trade history.
  • Kutch is a dynamic cultural landscape known for its vast living treasure of crafts traditions (see https://khamir.org/crafts)


Maximum number of participants: 20
The field school is open to participation of graduate students from any country.

Registration Fee: USD 1250

The fee includes basic shared accommodation (twin sharing basis) for the duration of the field school in respective locations, transportation, meals and study materials. The fee does not cover insurance and medical expenses if any, other personal expenses and travel to Ahmedabad.

  • Submission of Expression of Interests (EOI) using the link below: 15 September 2019
  • Notification of acceptance of EOI: 1 October 2019
  • Last date for Registration: 15 October 2019


For registration and any other queries, please contact:
Mr Vijay Ramchandani
Senior Executive
(Academic Support & Research Projects)

Logistics Information:

  • A faculty may express interest on behalf of a given number of students, (if a faculty is coming with 4 students, the accommodation arrangement will be 1 room for faculty, 2 rooms for students).
  • Individual student or independent researchers are also welcome, however we recommend coming in a pair of two if in case you prefer to share the room with someone you know.
  • Individual applicant may be assigned for shared room by the organisers.
  • If in case any participant wishes to have a single occupancy room, a request can be made in advance and we will try to match the need – the additional cost of such arrangement needs to be borne in advance by the participant. We will share the additional cost on actual basis.
  • Accommodations are dormitory type with twin-sharing provision. These are not hotels but local organization run accommodation facilities that are mostly used by students and researchers.
  • Participant requiring a standard hotel arrangement may do so, and we will help to the extent possible. The booking, payment and extra transportation to join the session venues will be responsibility of the participants in such case.
  • Suggested Arrival date: 3 December 2019 (Airport: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, code: AMD)
  • Suggested Departure date: 17 December 2019