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Research and Publications of Faculty and Students

Professor Neelkamal Chapagain


Nature-Culture Linkages in Heritage Discourses and Holistics Heritage Management Practices (as a part of Visiting Fellow at the UNESCO C2C on World Natural Heritage Management and Training for the Asia Pacific Region)

Critical Review of the World Heritage Nomination Processes (a ‘talking point’ is coming up in the Journal of Heritage Management, and the research is continued as an independent research)

Heritage Management Education as strategic tool for Sustainable Development (in the context of Post-2015 SDG agenda – Education for Sustainable Development of the United Nations); a preliminary draft paper presented at the International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development: Transforming youth and children’, Centre for Environmental Educaiton, Ahmedabad, September 2016

Policy Framework for Emergency Response in Post-disaster situations: review of policies and intiatives in Post-2015 earthquake in Nepal (preliminary research conducted through faculty development grant, Ahmedabad University)

‘Towards a Framework for Analyzing the Applicability and Adaptability of Traditional Knowledge Systems (as well as the Modern Knowledge Systems) in Heritage Management in Asia’; first draft presented at the ICCROM-CHA Forum on ‘Applicability and Adaptability of Traditional Knowledge Systems in Heritage Management in Asia’, Bangkok, Thailand; (December 2015), to be finalized for an ICCROM publication.

Publications: Books (edited)

2016 Reflections on the Built Environment and Associated practices (Vol. 2), compiled by Neel Kamal Chapagain, with editorial assistance from Subik Kumar Shrestha and Kishan Datta Bhatta; Department of Architecture, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University (Nepal);
2014 Reflections on the Built Environment and Associated Practices: Essays in Honor of Professor Sudarshan Raj Tiwari (compiled by Neel Kamal Chapagain); Department of Architecture, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University (Nepal);
2013 Asian Heritage Management: Contexts, Concerns and Prospects; co-edited with Kapila D. Silva; Routledge, New York and London.


2017 Perceptions and Management of Heritage in Buddhist Context: Observations from Nepal; in ‘Asian Buddhist Heritage: Conserving the Sacred’, ICCROM
2016 Blurring boundaries and moving beyond the tangible/intangible and the natural/cultural classifications of heritage: Cases from Nepal; in Amita Sinha and Kapila D. Silva eds – Cultural landscapes of South Asia: Studies in heritage conservation and management; (Routledge, London and New York).
2014 World Heritage in Nepal: Critical Reflections on Lomanthang’s Potential Nomination (in Reflections on the Built Environment and Associated Practices: Essays in Honor of Professor Sudarshan Raj Tiwari (compiled by Neel Kamal Chapagain); Department of Architecture, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University (Nepal);
2013 Introduction – Contexts and concerns in managing Asian heritage, and Chapter 2: Heritage conservation in Buddhist context
(in Asian Heritage Management: Contexts, Concerns and Prospects, co-edited with Kapila D. Silva; Routledge, New York and London.)

Peer-reviewed Publications

(Upcoming) From Cultural Landscapes to Bio-Cultural Landscape and beyond: The case of Kutch;in Contexts – Built, Living and Natural (Journal); India
2016 Contextual approach to the question of authenticity in heritage management and tourism; in Journal of Heritage Management.
2014 Traditions, materiality and community engagements with heritage:Re-thinking authenticity in living heritage sites in Nepal; in Revisiting Kathmandu: Safeguarding Living Urban Heritage, proceedings of an International Symposium, UNESCO Kathmandu and ICOMOS Nepal
2012 Hindu Temple of Wisconsin: (Re)designing of temple and (re)defining traditions; Journal of the Constructed Environment; Common Ground Publishing
Rethinking participatory process in Heritage Conservation: Situating Professionals in the Process; Journal of Science and Engineering, Bhaktapur, NEPAL
2008 Towards Rethinking Conservation for Traditional And Vernacular Architecture; in Responsibilities & opportunities in architectural conservation: Theory, education, and practice: the fifth International Confernce of the Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region (CSAAR 2008B) edited by Elwazani, S. A., Malhis, S., & Al-Qawasmi, J. (2008). [Amman]: CSAAR Press
Heritage Conservation in Nepal: Stakeholders, Policies and Challenges; Himalayan Journal of Democracy and Development; Vol. 3 No. 1. New Mexico, USA.
2007 Revisiting Conservation Charters in context of Lomanthang, Nepal: need to acknowledge local inhabitants and changing contexts; City and Time, 3[2] 5. http://www.ceci-br.org/novo/revista/docs2008/CT-2008-107.pdf
2002 Lomanthang Town Wall: A Living Monument Awaiting Conservation; Ancient Nepal – Journal of the Department of Archaeology, Nepal Government; No. 149; Kathmandu, March 2002; 1-6
A five storied cave system at Chhosar, Upper Mustang; Nepalese Designers’ Building Plans’ Vol. 4, Kantipur Consult Pvt. Ltd
2001 Architectural Regionalism: A Case of Lo (Upper Mustang); Vaastu – journal of the Association of Students of Architecture, Nepal; Vol. 3; Kathmandu, 41-43

Chapagain, Neel Kamal; South Asian Approaches to Heritage and Conservation; in Conversaciones… con Ananda Coomaraswamy, Number 6, December 2018. ISSN: 2395-9479 (for the digital version).

Professor Shahul Ameen


“Managing Syncretic Cultural Heritage and Local Economy: Undertaking, Challenges and New Strategies” in International Conference on Heritage Management Education and Practices held at Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad from 28th to 31st July 2017.

“Researcher and Research Paradigms: A Reflexive Account” in Qualitative Research: Theory and Practice Conference held at IIT Kanpur on 16th November, 2013.

“Religion, Civil Society and the State: Solidarity Youth Movement” in Ethnography and Social Identities in TISS – University of Edinburgh Collaboration (UKIERI) held at TISS, Mumbai on 30th April 2012.

“Understanding Modernities and Islamic Formation among Mappila Muslims: The Decline of Kondotti Nercha” in Negotiating and Accommodating Religious Identity in Public Arena held at J.M.I, New Delhi on 12th February, 2010.


Piety and the Civic: The Solidarity Youth Movement and Islamism in Kerala, South India” in Religion and Secularities: Reconfigurations of Islam in Contemporary India edited by Anindita Chakrabarti and Sudha Sitharaman (forthcoming with Orient Blackswan)

“Understanding Modernities and Islamic Formation Among Mappila Muslims: The Decline of Kondotti Nercha” in Conference Proceedings Negotiating and Accommodating Religious Identity in Public Arena.J.M.I, 2010. New Delhi

Professor Aditya Prakash Kanth

Published Papers

  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M. “­Spectroscopic and chromatographic investigation of the wall painted surfaces of an 18th century Indian temple, New Delhi Vibrational Spectroscopy, Elsevier, vol. 104, 102947, 2019.
  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M. “­Vibrational spectroscopy and SEM-EDX analysis of wall painted surfaces, Orchha Fort, India” Journal of archaeological science reports, Elsevier, pp. 434 -444, vol. 24, 2019.
  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M., Pandey, S. “Optimizing the rigidity of agar and gellan gels for cleaning of sensitive acrylic emulsion painted surfaces” International Journal of conservation science. pp. 451-462. vol.9, issue 3, 2018.
  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M., Pandey, S. “An explorative study of cleaning acrylic painted surfaces with concentrated polyelectrolyte xanthan hydrogels” International Journal of engineering and science research. pp. 176-185, vol. 7, issue 12, 2017.
  • Kanth, A.P., Pandey, S. “Recent advances in gel-based systems for cleaning of works of art Conservation of cultural property (IASC), pp.41-50, vol.41, 2016.
  • Kanth, A.P. Plasma cleaning of bronze objects” Conservation of cultural property (IASC), pp.69-70, vol.35, 2005.

Conference Papers


  • Shalvi Suman, first-year student presented her research on the Sabarmati River through a series of videos along with Professor Sara Ahmed at Great Rivers Forum 2018, UNESCO which was held at Wuhan, China from 25th October to 1st November 2018.
  • Nikhil Parashar, a second-year student of Masters in Heritage Management, also presented his research paper on ‘Comparative Study of Formal Management System of ‘Desert National Park, India’ & Traditional Management System of Bishnoi Community’ at ‘International Biodiversity Congress 2018’, WII, Dehradun, 4-6 October 2018
  • Sukrit Sen, a first year student of Master in Heritage Management presented his paper ‘ Festival Architecture of Tangible and Intangible Heritage: A Case of Durga Puja’ at the International Conference on Urban Conservation organised by the Centre for Built Environment on 28th November 2018 at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Kolkata.