Centres Of Excellence

Centre of Excellence in Flow Cytometry

BD Biosciences has established a Centre of Excellence at the Biological and Life Sciences division, Ahmedabad University. This is the first of its kind in a Private University set-up in the country. BD FACS Calibur installed at the campus facilitates both cell analysis and cell sorting. This is accessible by both, research scholars and Integrated MS students. Biological and Life Sciences division is perhaps the only institute where Integrated MS students are given free access to Flow Cytometer making them ready to do research using sophisticated instruments.

Centre of Excellence in in Silico Technologies

A Centre of Excellence has been established by VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune at the Biological and Life Sciences division, Ahmedabad University. This creates an opportunity for the Integrated MS and PhD students to undertake advanced research in computer aided drug designing, molecular modelling, docking and other bioinformatics tools.

Centre for Nanotechnology Research and Applications (CENTRA)

The Centre for Nanotechnology Research and Applications has been established to develop novel nanomaterials for therapeutics and nanomaterial based-products and devices for early disease detection. This will be achieved by the synthesis of novel nanomaterials using “safe by design approach”, novel nanoformulation for targeted drug/gene delivery in cell/animal models, development of nanosensors and nanodevices for early detection of disease, development of novel screening methods for hazard identification and risk assessment, safety assessment of ENMs and nano-products. These synthesized novel nanomaterials can be characterized by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), prior to particles toxicity assessment.

Centre for Excellence in Imaging

To facilitate students at cellular, molecular and structural level, the institute has several microscopes including Transmission Electron Microscope and a Scanning Electron Microscope along with fully featured sample preparation facility and digital data acquisition capabilities. The division also has an Inverted Phase contrast microscope for observing cell lines and their morphological differences, Bright field microscope with fluorescence attachment for routine microbial observations, to study apoptosis, membrane potential, oxidative stress, comet assay, micronucleus test and other fluorescence based techniques. Monocular, Binocular Microscopes, Stereo Microscope are also been installed at the Biological and Life Sciences division.

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