Chiasma is a student oriented “Science-Fest” organised by the School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University. As our name suggests, it’s a crossover between research oriented scientific workshops during day and cultural celebration in the evenings. It was started in 2017 with a vision of student driven workshops for students from various universities. In the past three years, it has expanded to include a greater range of modules, competitions, cultural events and participation of students from all over India. While we are making Chiasma grandeur every year, we are staying rooted to our moto of promoting research by motivating curiosity in our country’s youth as we design workshops which gives our participants a whole new perspective to the scientific field. In Chiasma 2020, we plan on keeping our tradition of expanding towards new arenas by including the arts division and expect more participation from across the country.     

Registration for Workshop's is necessary to take part in competition and cultural events.   


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Contact Us

Prannay Reddy: 74909 34220

Alay Bhatt: 94282 19137

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