Apaar Kumar

Apaar Kumar

Assistant Professor

Professor Apaar Kumar joined the Humanities and Languages division of the School of Arts and Sciences as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. His academic interests range from the history of modern philosophy (especially Kant) to hermeneutics and phenomenology, ethics, and aesthetics. His current research involves an attempt to offer a historically informed reconstruction of Kant’s theory of self-consciousness. He is also looking at questions emerging at the interface between philosophical hermeneutics and social ontology.

Professor Kumar received his PhD in Philosophy from Emory University in 2009. During his doctoral studies, he received several fellowships to Germany, including the year-long DAAD research fellowship. He has previously taught at the Oxford College of Emory University, and at the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities. Professor Kumar has taught introductory courses in philosophy, logic, and ethics; and upper level courses on the history of modern philosophy, and the history of 19th and 20th century philosophy.

He has written several reviews in philosophy journals, as well as publishing articles in journals such as Kantian Review, Journal of Value Inquiry, and Trópos: Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism.

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