Chiasma being a science fest is not simply restricted to scholastic learnings. We aspire to furnish a learning experience blended with fun, frolic, and interaction. With the entire world combatting with multiple variants of the Coronavirus and the havoc created by the same this event comes like a breath of refreshing air to add a tinge of positive hope to the ambience. Our competitions and cultural events provide you with an incredible platform to exhibit your talents, throw away the shackles of ‘what if tomorrow never comes’ and let your creativity bloom. These culturals provide a welcome transition from the scientific workshops held during the morning as they are a stage for showcasing your talents and engaging with your fellow participants facilitating an action-packed, thrilling experience for all. So if singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, mimicry, playing a musical instrument, storytelling, et al interest you then do enrol yourself as a performer! Researchers, science fans, and specialists all are free to flaunt their insight and energetic imaginative abilities here.
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For any queries, please contact:
Krutika Dave: +91.7043132028
Dixit Raiyani:  +91.9898962801
Mahek Bhatt:  +91.9227258389