Funding, a life line for any startup is facilitated by VS in following manner:

  1. Pre-Seed Stage: Prototyping Funding of up to Rs 10 Lacs is made available through Department of Science & Technology’s (DST’s) NIDHI PRAYAS Scheme Entrepreneur support to the tune of Rs. 3.6L from DST’s NIDHI EIR scheme.
  2. Seed Stage/ Early Stage: Funding of up to Rs. 20 Lacs (Up to Rs. 10 Lacs for Product Development & up to Rs. 10 Lac for Marketing/Commercialization of product) is made available through grant provided by Government of Gujarat under Startup Policy.

Funding of up to Rs 25 Lacs (30% Loan) through a grant from NIDHI Seed Support Scheme from DST, GoI

  1. Early Stage/Angel Funding: Funding up to Rs. 120 Lacs can be facilitated through VentureStudio’s close association with Ahmedabad Angel Network (AAN).
  2. VentureStudio provides platform & visibility to startups to connect with other angel networks & Venture Capitalist, through its own network and its stature as an important element in the startup ecosystem.

Funding arranged so far:

  1. For 14 startups through Government of Gujarat’s Startup Policy.
  2. For 3 startups through Ahmedabad Angel Network (AAN).
  3. Funding Roll-out underway through
    2. NIDHI-EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence)
    3. NIDHI-SSS (Seed Support Scheme)

For further details, please visit respective pages on this website.