About Ahmedabad University

Ahmedabad University, located in one of India’s most vibrant cities, is a private, non-profit University that offers students a liberal education with a focus on research-driven initiatives and project-based learning. As embodied by our motto, Pariprashnena Samriddhi, the University fosters spirit of enquiry leading to progress and prosperity. We are committed to preparing students to think deeply and creatively and emerge as ethical and compassionate leaders.

Established in 2009 by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES), Ahmedabad University has fostered a unique learning environment by providing students with a platform for collaborative research with global partners, project-based learning, and industry linkages. Our broad-based contextual and flexible curriculum stands apart from other leading institutes in the country.

Ahmedabad University offers a diversity and depth of courses to enable students to grow into well-rounded leaders. Our programmes include undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in a wide array of areas including management, life sciences, engineering, and computer studies.


Ahmedabad University offers global exposure to its students and faculty through collaborations with leading international educational institutions. Our partners, some of the most innovative in their fields of specialisation, are assisting us in developing distinctive strengths within the local context to meet the challenges of a globalising India.

University of Bradford was the first university outside London to offer part-time degree courses, and the collaboration between the two universities will promote exchange of academic information, materials and publications, students and faculty exchange programs, sponsorship of cooperative seminars, workshops, and other academic engagements.

The Centre for Design Research, Stanford University, USA has developed a unique coaching and design of enterprise methodology at Ahmedabad University’s VentureStudio.

Rennes School of Business, France has entered into a partnership with AmrutMody School of Management for student’s exchange of BBA and Integrated MBA Programmes.

The eight hundred year old University of Valladolid, Spain and the seven hundred year old University of Ferrara, Italy are working with the Centre of Heritage Management for developing programmes and research activities in the area of heritage.

Olin College of Engineering, USA is accelerating project-based learning at the university, particularly in the Engineering programmes.

The Executive Education, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK is engaging with our Entrepreneurial MBA programme.