University Research Board

Ahmedabad University has established the University Research Board to support and promote research by faculty, students and staff. The Board promotes research by recommending proposals for internal funding and examining them for externally sponsored projects. The internal research funds are distributed as seed grants (up to Rs 2 lakhs for initiating new projects), start-up grants (up to Rs 20 lakhs for newly recruited faculty) or University challenge grants (for interdisciplinary projects).

Members of the University Research Board:

  • Professor Deepak Kunzru - Distinguished Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Professor Devanath Tirupati - Dean, Amrut Mody School of Management.
  • Professor Sanjay Chaudhary - Interim Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Professor Rama Ratnam - Professor, School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Professor Darshini Mahadevia - Associate Dean, Arts, School of Arts and Sciences.

The URB coordinates the following

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