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SSETU is an access point for students for seeking information regarding matters listed below. SSETU has provided information to over 700 walk-ins for general enquiries since its inception 3 years ago.

Academic Advising

  • Which deals with all aspects of course structure, design, & selection, and will provide guidance on the selection of programs of study, transferring to and within AU etc.

Housing and Community Services

  •  Information about residential accommodation – hostels and PG
  •  Facilitate integration with local culture, and
  •  Support and implementation of policies to combat ragging and sexual harassment
  •  Create awareness about consequences of drug abuse

Financial Aid

  • SSETU provides guidance on AU-managed financial aid, in addition to providing counseling and information for access to other forms of aid, including banking and loans.

    Under the Family Connect Program, the counselor connects with some of the families of recipients of financial aid through phone calls and home visits. The purpose is to enquire about the academic progress of the students and also to ask if any other support is required by the student.

International Programs

  • Students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad can obtain basic information about the post graduate programs in international universities from SSETU.