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Activity Calendar

SSETU coordinates and conducts various activities in the academic year for the students & staff:

Sr. No. Activity Date Time Venue
1 Blood Donation Camp @ AU Campuses 5-Sep-2014 11am onwards BKMIBA, SCS, PGIM
2 Talk on Anemia by Dr. Riddhi Shukla 12-Sep-2014 2pm-3pm ILS
3 Talk by Regional Director Narcotics Control Bureau (only for AU club members) 12-Sep-2014 4pm-5pm AU Conference Room
4 Session on "Study in Canada" by The Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Western India, Canadian Consulate, Mumbai 24-Sep-2014 10am sharp BKMIBA
5 Gender Sensitization Workshop 30-Sep-2014 2.30pm-5.30pm BKMIBA
6 Gender Sensitization Workshop for ILS students 15-Oct-2014 2pm - 5pm ILS
7 Soft Skills Training Workshops for AU students 17th & 18th Oct-2014 10.30am-5.30pm BKMIBA
8 Elocution Competition on topic "Impact of UK in various fields in India" 22-Nov-2014 4.30pm School of Computer Studies
9 Yoga Camp for AU Students & Staff

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8-Dec-2014 to 19-Dec-2014 8am to 9am BKMIBA
10 Self Defense Workshop

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9-Dec-2014 4pm to 5.30pm PGIM
11 Self Defense Workshop
16-Jan-2015 11am to 1pm ILS
12 Talk on Female Health Issues by Dr. Riddhi Shukla 29-Jan-2015 12noon - 1pm IET
13 Yoga Camp 9th March 2015 – 20th March 2015 8am – 9am ILS
14 Talks on common health issues faced by girl students by Dr. Riddhi Shukla 9th March 2015 4pm-5pm School of Computer Studies
15 Talks on common health issues faced by girl students by Dr. Riddhi Shukla 12th March 2015 4pm-5pm BKMIBA
16 Free diagnostic testing for Cervical Cancer March 2015   SSETU
17 Presentation & Public Speaking Skills workshop 24th April 2015 11am – 12 noon School of Computer Studies
18 International Yoga Day
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21st June 2015 6.45am - 8am S.H.Kharawala School
19 Panel discussion on "Grooming and Fitness" by Dr. Riddhi Shukla and Mrs. Kalpana Pareek 8th July 2015 4.15pm-5.15pm School of Computer Studies
20 Talk on Anti-Narcotics Awareness by Shri Hari Om Gandhi, Regional Director, Narcotics Control Bureau 14th July 2015 4.15pm-5.30pm School of Computer Studies
21 Talk on female health issues by Dr. Riddhi Shukla 17th July 2015  4.30pm-5.30pm  BKMIBA
22 Talk on “Nutrition and Fitness” by Dr. Riddhi Shukla 7th August 2015 2pm – 3.15pm ILS
23 Workshop on “Avoiding Common Writing Errors” 7th August 2015 4pm – 6pm BKMIBA
24 Workshop on “Attributes for Career Success” 8th August 2015 10am – 12noon IET
25 Workshop on “Grooming and Personality Development” 8th August 2015 12.30pm – 2.30pm IET
26 Self Defense Workshop 10th August 2015 11am – 12.30pm HLIC
27 Panel Discussion on “Women in Workforce” 12th August 2015 4pm – 5pm BKMIBA
28 Self Defense Workshop 14th August 2015 2pm – 4pm ILS
29 Workshop on "A Guide to Etiquette" by Ms. Kalpana Pareek 30th October 2015 2pm – 4pm ILS
30 Blood Donation Camp 1st December 2015 8.30am - 12.30pm HLIC
31 Blood Donation Camp 8th December 2015 9.30am – 2pm PGIM
32 Blood Donation Camp 14th December 2015 10am - 2pm BKMIBA
33 Panel Discussion on "Gender Sensitization: Role of Youth and Society"

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15th December 2015 4.15pm - 5.45pm School of Computer Studies
34 Workshop on “Attributes for Success in Career” 5th January 2016 4.15pm – 6.15pm BKMIBA
35 Thalassemia Screening 27th, 29th and 30th January 2016 10.30am – 2pm HLIC
36 Thalassemia Screening 28th January 2016 11am – 2pm BKMIBA
37 Thalassemia Screening 30th January 2016 11.30am - 2pm School of Computer Studies
38 Blood Donation Camp 30th January 2016 11.30am - 2pm School of Computer Studies
39 Thalassemia Screening 29th January 2016 12.30pm - 2.30pm IET
40 Workshop on “Prevention of Suicide amongst Student Population” by Dr. Himanshu Desai 11th February 2016 10.00am - 11.30am BKMIBA
41 Thalassemia Screening 4th March 2016 12.30pm - 2.30pm IET
42 Yoga Camp 14th to 25th March 2016 8.15am - 9.15am ILS
43 Workshop on "Emotional Hygiene" by Ms. Kalpana Pareek 8th April 2016 2.00pm - 3.30pm ILS