Automation and Robotics

Quaternion based control of industrial robots

A finite time control of articulated robots using quaternions is studied in this project. Remote dexterous control of articulated robots is shown as a natural application which finds utility in hazardous area and space robotics applications where dexterity of the robot end-effector is not be compromised while maintaining safety of the human operator. This project proposes a leader-follower framework for trajectory planning and control where quaternions are utilized to describe the position and orientation of the follower end effector. A simple one-to-one map connecting the work volumes of the leader and follower is used.

Dr. Harshal Oza, Jaina Mehta, Harshil Prajapati (BTech student)

Assistance System for the Visually Impaired

India has the highest population of blind people with the number of affected being more than 10 million. Based on interviews with the visually impaired, we found that the blind face difficulties in routine tasks like navigation and commuting. There is undoubtedly an inherent gap in terms of available and affordable technology for the visually impaired. The project is motivated by the need to build an aid which will use a sensor based system that intimates the user of stationary obstacles such as walls, steps, bumps, staircases, steps and potholes. This research is driven by the following observations on existing solutions: (a) Either expensive or restrictive for major commonly occurring obstacles such as wall and potholes, (b) Identification of objects tends to be less sensitive towards type of obstacles, (c) Inability to let the user fully distinguish between hazardous objects such as a staircase which the user needs to use and those which are to be avoided.

Potential Contribution: (a) To reduce the possibility of hazards for the visually impaired while maintain user’s direction of motion, (b) Devising a new algorithm that can be implemented on an affordable embedded system. This is inspired by natural human response of perceiving an obstacle and avoiding it.

Jaina Mehta, Dr. Harshal Oza, Rishabh Shah (BTech student)

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