Abhishek Kadivar
ICT Batch 2014-2018

The admission to IIM C may sound a lot of hard work to some people. But with sheer dedication and fair amount of smart work, one can achieve it easily avoiding the toil. I had a tough choice to make among family business and further management studies. But the exposure and business management skills which one can get from management studies outweighed the family business option. And hence begins my two year PGP(Post Graduation Programme), IIM C journey. I hope this achievement will inspire the upcoming batches and I wish many more students achieve their own superior goals in their life.


Amish Chovatiya
Chemical Batch 2014-2018

Four years spent in this institute have completely transformed me both professionally and personally. Even when the batch that I am part of is the first batch of Chemical Engineering at School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University, there isn’t any stone that has been left unturned in providing us the best of knowledge and skills that are essential as an engineer.

The curriculum is designed to ensure solid base of theory and the project based learning approach has made me think practically while tackling any problem as part of a course project. Good faculty to student ratio, state of the art and well managed laboratory facilities and latest computational facilities check all the well needed boxes that make the overall academic experience at SEAS-AU an enriching one. One of the things where Ahmedabad University really stands apart is the importance given to research at undergraduate level itself. As a part of Undergraduate Research Programme (UGRP), students are given an opportunity to carry out research projects under faculties while making use of advanced research facilities available here.

Lastly, I must emphasise on the kind of culture that has developed over the years at Ahmedabad University. I can approach faculties at any time to discuss any kind of academic or professional matters without any hesitation. There is great deal of interaction between students of different programs during interdisciplinary courses as well as student activities. You are bound to have life worth of experience once you are a part of Ahmedabad University.


Kshitij Kumbar
Mechanical Batch 2014-2018

Pursuing a branch of my choice/interest was all that mattered when I started. At the same time, I was apprehensive of attending such a young University, especially being a part of the first batch of mechanical engineering. Being fully aware of the risks involved, I took the proverbial plunge and I have never looked back.

With its unique project based learning pedagogy and emphasis on cross disciplinary learning, Ahmedabad University has been the perfect facilitator in my quest to explore the fascinating world of engineering sciences and has gone a long way in helping me realising my potential.

I feel I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to be taught by some of the best professors in the field. They have always been very welcoming and encouraging in not just mine, but also in the academic pursuits of my peers. It is my belief that, the kind of freedom to share and debate views pertaining to academic matters sets us apart as a University.

Apart from my academic endeavours, being a part of the University PBL team that visited Agastya foundation along with the students of Olin and Babson colleges helped me shape my views about the reach that my education potentially possesses and has made me realise the value of the qualities of a team based approach to tackling problems in the real world.


Saumil Shah
ICT Batch 2013-2017

It was my dream to study in the institution which may help me develop a quest for learning and help me develop my overall personality. I am fortunate that I am able to fulfill my dream of being a student in Institute of Engineering & Technology (initially IICT).

It was a wonderful year. The beautiful camp, extraordinary knowledgeable faculty, cooperative staff and enthusiastic batch-mates made my first year full of learning and beautiful memories.

I admire and appreciate the Project-based approach and Peer-to-Peer learning - teaching methods that helped me a lot to learn new things and gather knowledge in our areas of interests. The classroom interaction is an excellent way of learning from eachother. We always wanted to stay longer in the college and study in Library or work on various projects or experimenting in labs rather than going HOME early !
I am sure that the coming years will be more enjoyable.


Kavi Pandya
ICT Batch 2013-2017

IET is an institute which provides over-all grooming. We not only learn technical subjects but we also get the opportunity to learn user-centric design and communication skills.

All our learning is project-based which helps us to understand the concepts better, broaden our vision and develop great bond with others. The course structure is so well designed that keeps us par with other institutes.Professors here are specialized in their field and are ever-ready to clarify our doubts and help us in projects. Labs are well designed and infrastructure of college is also great. Studying in IET enhances your technical knowledge as well as analytical skills.


ICT Batch 2013-2017

Going back in time, one year from now, most of us were in a state of perplexity, not knowing which Institute we would become a part of. Uncertainty prevailed throughout the process of admission.

Being a new Institute, IICT did not give me complete surety of being 'the Institute', compared to the other, older well established ones. However, this unsurety lasted only until the first day of college.

One month of college passed and all of us had become enthusiastic learners, excited and eager to grasp something new every day.

This college implements remarkable and innovative project based pedagogy. It has helped all of us in developing the 'key' skills like problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, practical application of knowledge, leadership, management, and many more, essential to face the real world.

This course is completely different from other normal engineering courses. It has taught us to think broad and relate design, innovation and ICT to society. The academic curriculum is designed in such a way that each subject builds on previous classes while at the same time complimenting both the classes and projects running concurrently.

The professors are highly qualified and influential, supporting each student in achieving his/her very best. Their emphasis on group work helped excel in our strengths and allowed for extra help in areas that are more challenging. It trained us to work with different types of people in all kinds of environments.

At the end I would like to say that studying at IET is a challenging, exciting and marvelous experience. We have loads of fun and enjoyment in all the cultural events, workshops and talks. Classes in an interactive fashion allowed me to build on my own experience by learning from my classmates as well as the professors.

This program's focus on problem solving using real life scenarios was the perfect grounding for working in any fast-paced and dynamic business environment.


Prem Shah
ICT Batch 2013-2017

My experience at IET has helped me to explore project based learning to the fullest. Project based learning enhanced my view into a subject to such a depth that I have obtained a whole lot of practical experience and has also helped me prepare for my future. Modern technology is used extensively by us and hence project based learning fits the bill.

I have observed that normal lectures without any kind of interaction become boring and meaningless. Here at IET, they promote Peer-to-Peer interaction and applied knowledge which helps us extensively in our academic career as well as in the future as entrepreneurs. On the other side it allows teachers to work more closely with us as students too.

Hence, it has been a new, innovative and informative experience for me here at IET.


Netra Pathak

Prem Shah


ICT Batch 2013-2017

Unsurety prevailed till the last year, a completely different world, a new place and an unique experience it had to be. But today when I write this, I can truly say that this was the place which groomed a new spark of confidence, practicality and tactics of handling multiple tasks in me.

The essence of any institution lies in the proper and efficient guidance provided to their students. And here I have been guided and taught in the most practical ways by most of the faculties who have an enormous impact on their students. Being a purely project based institution it gives a real touch to the theories taught, every small and big lessons were embossed in our minds.

Since the very beginning we were made to churn our minds and to analyze every single problem from all of its varied sides and not to come up with just a single solution to it. It taught us to ideate and constantly make attempts until the desired and fruitful outcome. This is how learning is made easy and efficient in IICT ( newly known as IET ). Here, every faculty carries his / her own pedagogy, styles and the way of explanation. With their varied styles, their ways of conveying the lessons have been mostly successful and understood so far.

With the new expansion of the institution, I hope its success.


Rishabh Shah
ICT Batch 2013-2017

According to me, my first year at this college has been great. I have loved the project based learning that the faculty has inculcated in us.

We have also been blessed to have such an esteemed faculty. Their approach towards us has been very friendly. Through their projects we have been able to make systems helpful in real life domains thus helping us learn Non ICT parts as well and helping us develop a practical approach towards real life problems and their solutions. The faculty here is very supportive so if you are ready to take that effort they will be behind rooting for you all the way through.


Shashwat Sanghavi
ICT Batch 2012-2016

I was initially really confused about selecting the right college; it was then that I came across IET, then known as IICT. The branch was new, the college was new and I was really confused if I should apply for this institute or not. I initially had many reasons for applying to other places. But there were two things which were compelling me to take admission here.

One was the faculty list and the second was its totally new concept of project based learning. When I met some of the faculty, I got very impressed by their qualifications and the way they communicated their ideas.

After getting into this institute I am realizing now that trusting a totally new institute and a new field were actually my best decisions. I am very happy with the institute, the way the professors teach, the projects we are doing and many other things.

Here learning means gaining knowledge. For each subject, we are doing a project by which we can learn the subject very well. When I compare the things that I have learnt from this institute and the things that my friends have learnt from theirs, I can see the obvious difference. Here we are learning how to implement the theory in an actual project. Also the user centered design courses offered here helped me give a definition to my theoretical knowledge.

I must say that indeed I have done the right thing by taking my admission here.


Kavi Pandya

Mansi Patel


Rahul Patel
ICT Batch 2012-2016

Not long ago from now, I can easily picture myself looking into different colleges for admission that best accommodated my merit. One of the many difficulties which I faced in this process was the lack of interaction with the student body who were currently a part of that academic institution. Hence I understand the importance of this information and will try to deliver it in the best possible way.

My basic expectation from a dream college were highly qualified faculties who can inherit their knowledge to me and help me be a competent engineer, good infrastructure facilities like labs, library, classrooms and an atmosphere of discipline which provides a conducive climate for my overall academic growth. Last but not the least a sports complex to keep my mind and body fit.

I am glad to say that IICT-AU (now IET-AU) has been able to deliver effectively on all the parameters listed above except that of a sports complex. Though sports complex is not ready but we are provided with substitute facilities to satisfy our needs. Besides these I would like to point out one big positive of our institute i.e. students in IICT don't know what is ragging. A healthy and friendly relation exists and peer to peer learning environment is set between seniors and juniors.

There are still many areas in which improvement is needed and the good thing is management is agile to deal with those issues and is persistently trying to make the experience in IET better. In the end I would like to conclude with the point that if you have the desire to do something and are searching for a good platform then IET is one of the best places to be.




Anmol A.
ICT Batch 2012-2016

“New”, “novelty”, “young” are just some fresh words. But when associated with the institute of IET, they definitely take a deeper meaning. IET though young its professors spell out sheer wisdom, knowledge and expertise because of their long experiences of teaching in their respective fields. IET is the perfect combination of young fresh ideas like that of project based learning beautifully blended with wisdom, knowledge and experience.

When you sign up for IET not only do you just sign up to become an engineer but you sign up to develop a well rounded personality as you get to learn practical subjects like product design.

My experience in IET has been that of a long journey that has awakened my mind to think beyond text and apply what I learn. It has truly opened my mental windows to receive the fresh new wind of practical knowledge and embark on a journey of more awareness and knowledge.

Go ahead and get yourself this experience too and you will not fail to agree with me.


Rishabh Shah

Raj Thakkar

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