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Student Amenities


SEAS functions from a 2.5 lakh square feet,modern, eco-friendly, fully networked Wi-Fi campus in the heart of Ahmedabad. Well-equipped classrooms, labs and e-learning applications offer contemporary learning experience.

Tobacco Free Campus

Cigarette and tobacco consuming is strictly prohibited in the campus premises. This is in accordance to the Ministry of HRD act which requires all educational institutions to impliment strict compliance with tobacco free environment.

Knowledge center

Ahmedabad University is in the process of developing a knowledge center which will be an iconic building serving the purpose of the Central Library and state-of-the-art information services in the upcoming campus near SEAS . It will be Wi-Fi enabled and also provide access to online journals and search data bases.


SEAS, Ahmedabad University will make available secure, modern and comfortable hostels for girls and boys within close periphery of the campus.

Sports Facilities

The university premise has facilities for indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess, carom, etc and outdoor sports like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. The same are in the process of being upgraded to national standards at the upcoming Ahmedabad University campus at Navrangpura.

Cultural Activities

Ahmedabad University is a scintillating hub of various cultural activities including internationally acclaimed music festivals, state and national level Quizzes, various project proposal programs and activities enabling social interaction with people of all cadre.

Gyapak (SEAS e-resource platform)

To access gyapak, please click here (authentication required).