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Thrust Areas

Introduction - Research

Research and innovations being an integral part of SEAS,  scholarly activities are encouraged to enhance interactions among faculty members, students, industries and organizations for solving cutting edge problems in the field of engineering, information technology, electronic and communication, mechanical, chemical, material and electrical engineering. Faculty members are supported to establish research programmes and labs to get involved in innovation and conduct collaborative research.

The school has provided specialized equipment and infrastructure necessary for research, including online subscriptions, and high-speed internet access.  In order to promote research activities, high quality specialized research labs are established at the school, in collaboration with industries. SEAS faculty is also supported by the national and international travel grants for presenting their unique research  at conferences and workshops of international repute.

SEAS was awarded an infrastructure support grant from GICT (Gujarat Institute of Chemical Technology) to establish its research lab in material science and engineering.  Some of these projects are in the area of cognitive radio communications, development of robotic arm and enzyme mimics.  In addition to the externally funded research, faculty is also supported aptly by AU in the form of seed grant and start up grants.

The following is the list of various disciplines in which research is being actively pursued at SEAS: