The School of Engineering and Applied Science aims to support research and innovation conducted by its faculty and student community, as well as enhance the quality of their interaction with industries and professional organisations. Our larger goal is to solve the most complex problems in engineering and computer science, information technology and related fields.

At the school, faculty are encouraged to establish research groups and labs, be involved in institution building, and innovate, consult and conduct collaborative research. For more information, download our research brochure, and scroll below for more information at a glance. 

Download Research Brochure


Thrust Areas

Find out more about the disciplines in which faculty at the Engineering School contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.


Funded Projects

Faculty at the school are working to establishing an externally funded research programme. See a list of our external funders below.



Talks and presentations from visiting experts around the country are a key part of the vibrant research environment at the school. Click the links below for more information.



Engineering School faculty publish their research in some of the world’s most renowned journals in their areas of specialisation.

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