Dr. Varade receives generous research funding from Indian Tobacco Company (ITC)

  July 31, 2017   Funded Research

Title : Solution Properties of Mixed Surfactant Systems

PI: Dharmesh Varade, SEAS

Funding Organization: ITC Limited (Indian Tobacco Company)

Amount Sanctioned: approx. 50 Lakhs (Including Tax)

Duration: 3 years (August 2017- July 2020)


Summary: The main objective of this project is to develop profound understanding with tailored approach for utilizing surfactants in mixtures. This project involves a multitude of activities ranging from selection of surfactant mixtures, understanding and optimization of surfactant self-assembly and evaluating the physicochemical properties of the mixed surfactant systems. We envisioned a long term program to develop innovative solutions for creating design rules for utilizing these surfactant combinations in formulating the products. 

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