Rahul Patel secures an admission with MILA Lab, University of Montreal

  February 11, 2018   Achievements


Rahul Patel (Student of ICT 2012-2016) has secured an admission to the Masters (Research) in Applied Mathematics program at Polytechnique Montreal, University of Montreal. As a part of it, he will be working with MILA lab - a prominent lab working in the area of Deep Learning - under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Lodi and Prof. Yoshua Bengio.


Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), affiliated with University of Montreal, Canada, is one of the prominent labs working in the area of Deep Learning. Yoshua Bengio founded the lab which became the MILA with an ambition to understand the principles of learning that yield intelligence. His research is widely cited (over 36000 citations and an H-index of 76).

Researchers from MILA have pioneered the field of deep learning and deep neural networks (both discriminative and generative) and their applications to vision, speech and language. MILA is world-renowned for many breakthroughs in developing novel deep learning algorithms and applying them to various domains. They include neural language modelling, neural machine translation, object recognition, structured output generative modelling and neural speech recognition.

Many of the innovations that have led to the recent surge of popularity and success in deep learning were invented or co-invented at this lab. Some of those innovations include, but are not limited to, major contributions to layer-wise unsupervised pre-training, deep supervised rectifier networks, generative neural networks, theory and advances in recurrent neural networks, automatic hyper parameter tuning, neural machine translation and theoretical analysis of deep neural networks. Reference: https://mila.quebec/en/

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