Communications lab

Communication is an essential to modern society as electricity, providing both connectivity (cell phone, WiFi, Internet) and storage (hard drive, flash memory). The field of communications spans signals processing and error control coding for transceiver design, information theory to identify fundamental performance benchmarks for different systems, the design and analysis of different networking protocols. Signal processing, which refers to hardware and software to produce, transform and analyze signals (e.g., radio waves, sound, image, video, EEG, MRI), is a fundamental tool in every discipline in engineering and the sciences. Sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms, the cost of implementing which has been driven down leveraging Moore's law, are at the core of an ever increasing number of devices, including communications devices (cell phones, WiFi), digital music/video players, televisions, GPS receivers, radar and sonar systems, and medical imaging and monitoring.

Communication LAB at IET is developed for Communication and Signal Processing (CSP) domain related Laboratory work activities for different subjects and also for R & D activities. The students will get exposure to sophisticated software tools such as LABView, Xilinx ISE, Code Composure Studio, MATLAB, Scilab etc. and development kits such as NI Developments boards, DSP Processors, Xilinx FPGA kits. Using these resources students can develop different applications, algorithms, prototypes and Models for different areas of communication and signal processing.

Major Thrust Areas for laboratory purpose (Subject wise): Signals and System, Analog and Digital Communication, Wireless communication, Digital Signal Processing, Elective courses like Mobile communication, Image Processing, Machine learning and VLSI Signal Processing etc.

Major Thrust Areas for Research and Development: For project across the courses in B.Tech, B.Tech Final year Project, For project based on specialized elective subject, Ph.D Work for based on CSP research area, for Sponsored R & D project Activities.

Software tools available: National Instruments Software Bundle 2015 (Includes Labview 2015 and other utility software/drivers), MATLAB R2015b, Xilinx ISE 14.7, Code Composure Studio V6.0, GNU Radio, Scilab.

Hardware Resources: NI myRIO Board with Mechatronics and Embedded Kit/ Accessories (Qty-4), NI cRIO 9063 with chassis and related accessories (Qty-1), NI USRP RIO- 2953R (Qty-1), NI Virtual Bench with accessories (Qty-10), Ettus research N210 USRP (Qty-4), Ettus research X310 USRP (Qty-1); Wide range of daughter boards, various antenna sets, GPS octo-clock etc. from Ettus research for USRP;

TI DSP processor TMS320C6748 + OMAP L318 (Qty-2).

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