Webinar on Advanced Waste Water Treatment

October 21, 2020 2:00PM   GICT Building   AU research seminar series
In India, around 6.2 billion litres of untreated industrial waste water is generated every day. As one of the most industrialised states in the country, Gujarat's share in generating untreated industrial waste water is substantial. At present, the state has 33 CETPs with 574.925 Mld hydraulic load. Additional 8 CETPs are proposed with 255.4 Mld hydraulic load. It is mandatory for all effluent treatment plants to meet the discharge norms. While they are giving primary and secondary treatment, it is now becoming essential to give tertiary treatment and explore advanced waste water treatment technologies to meet the stringent norms laid down by CPCB.

This webinar aims to make students, faculty, and people from industry aware of the advanced waste water treatment technologies with the exemplified success story of Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited. The treatment will make the waste water for reuse as per the Government of Gujarat's present policy for reuse of treated waste water. This will also help to reduce the state's dependence on the Narmada Yojana for water for industrial purposes.


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