Training and Capacity building Program

September 20, 2015 11:30 am   IEEE event

IEEE Gujarat Section Workshop
Training and Capacity building Program
Hosted by Ahemdabad University Students' Branch of IEEE

IEEE Gujarat Section in association with CLS- Cyberra Legal Services organised an eight week series on Training and Capacity building Program. The program is about imparting knowledge of Cyber Crime, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Forensics and Cyber Laws amongst the society.

Following determines the specific objectives of the series:

  • To facilitate understand & critical understanding about Cyber crimes, Ethical Hacking,
    cyber security, forensics and cyber laws
  • Exploration of the legal and policy developments in various countries for cyber space
  • To provide in-depth knowledge of Information Technology Act, 2000 including Information
    Technology Amendment Act, 2008
  • Understanding e-Governance, Electronic Contracts, e-Banking & Secure electronic records
  • To share knowledge of the regulation of cyber space at national and international level
  • To train and prepare candidate to consider Cyber security, forensics and cyber laws as a
    career option.

Ahemdabad University Students' Branch of IEEE takes an immense pleasure of hosting this series. We warmly welcome the IEEE Gujarat section to organize the program with us. It is a 40hrs weekend program course (every Sunday 5hrs) for two months.

On 20th September, 2015, at 11:30 am (IST) the program was inaugurated at Institute of Engineering and Technology, AU. The first session included the footfall of 40+ participants from multidisciplinary domains. The inauguration speech was delivered by Prof. Anil Roy of DA-IICT, the senior member at IEEE, in which he addressed the participants regarding the history, works and network of the IEEE society. Folllowed by the Inauguration speech, Advocate Manan Thakker along a volunteer faculty delivered the lecture that emphasized on the awareness regarding the basics of Cyber Crime and Ethical Hacking. The session lasted till 5:00pm (IST).

We are honored to host such a cognizant and valuable series of program of the IEEE Gujarat Section.

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