Research Seminar:Nitin Banker “Energy efficiency improvement of a household refrigerator by incorporating a phase change material"

November 22, 2018 2:30 pm   212,GICT Building   AU research seminar series

Abstract: The refrigerator is one of the important commodities among all the household appliances. One of the studies states that the refrigerator alone consumes nearly 21.95 TWh of energy in India and with its yearly sales growth of 15%, the energy consumed by refrigerator will be significantly higher. This demands implementation of innovative techniques to reduce the energy consumed by the refrigerator. It is also essential to find the sources of energy consumption in the refrigerator. With the objective to reduce the effect of peak ambient temperature on a household refrigerator for the Indian climatic conditions, a PCM based condenser in the refrigerator is proposed and experimental as well as numerical analysis have been carried out. The experimental results indicate energy saving of about 15% for 31⁄2 hours of time duration during the higher ambient temperature. The numerical modelling for the three different PCMs, FS21, RT25HC and RT25 showed that RT25HC provides the highest COP followed by RT25 and FS21.

About the Speaker: Dr. Nitin Banker is currently an Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Shiv Nadar University, UP. He has obtained his PhD degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and worked for seven years in two renowned companies like John Deere India, Pune and Emerson Innovation Center, Pune. His areas of interest include Conventional and heat operated refrigeration systems, Thermal management solutions using phase change materials, Efficiency improvement of gas turbine power plant and Solar thermal energy. He has completed one DST funded project (2014-2017) and guided one PhD student.

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