Research Seminar: Dr.Sourish Dasgupta “On Best Practices in Research Methodology: The RAx case”

January 09, 2019 2:00 pm   105,GICT Building   AU research seminar series

Abstract: Academic research is challenging, to say the least. There are several reasons why research becomes slow and frustrating. Much of that can be attributed to ineffective methods that researchers usually adopt, instead of following certain tried-and-tested research methodologies. One can see two extremes taken by researchers - those who would not use any modern software tools available for research management, and then those who would use a plethora of tools for every single kind of research activity that they do. Both may fall into the danger of getting lost very easily. Prof. Sourish Dasgupta is going to present a new genre of research management tool called RAx ( that behaves as an A.I. powered personal research assistant (RA) for academic researchers. Building upon his argument that existing tools such as discovery engines and reference managers are not sufficient enough for the subjective and evolving needs of researchers, Prof. Dasgupta will elucidate the key use-cases that is often ignored and which RAx addresses. Prof. Dasgupta would be very happy to entertain questions related to the A.I. behind RAx or his journey into the world of startups from the world of academia.

About the Speaker: Dr. Sourish Dasgupta is a professor turned entrepreneur who wants to contribute to bringing up a lot more creative, imaginative and sharing researcher generation. He loves studying and discussing artificial intelligence, theoretical linguistics, culinary art, comparative religion, and Tintin. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Rygbee Inc., and also a professor at DA-IICT. In his pastime, Prof. Dasgupta loves to cook and debate with students. He wants to be either a monk or a hippie in his next life. Prof. Dasgupta did his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Kansas City, USA.

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