Inaugural event of Ahmedabad University Students' Branch of IEEE

Inaugural event of Ahmedabad University Students' Branch of IEEE
July 11, 2015 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM   IEEE event

Footfall: 80 people

Chief Guest: Mr. Nilesh Desai. Deputy director (MSDG, MSTG),SAC-ISRO

Since we are budding computer and electrical engineers ourselves, it was our dream to open up an IEEE student branch at Ahmedabad University for participating and volunteering in various technical and non-technical programs. Our inspiration and motto is the noble idea of overall student development. We successfully inaugurated the student branch of IEEE at Ahmedabad University which is being managed by students of Institute of Engineering and technology.

The inaugural function was divided into two parts- (i) Inaugural speeches and Keynote by the chief guest (Morning session) (ii) an event named CON~FUSED-"Sell it if you can".

The morning session started at 9.45 AM. The session began with a prayer followed by the IEEE pledge. The session was hosted by Student Branch secretory, Anmol Anubhai. After the pledge, the branch counsellor introduced all the dignitaries while our student members presented them with mementos. Next Dr. Anil Kumar Sahai, Dean (Engineering) Ahmedabad University, took over the stage and introduced AU. He also explained the need for an IEEE student branch at AU. Next Dr. Mehul Raval, a senior IEEE member and Prof. at SEAS, introduced IEEE and helped increase its general awareness among students. This speech was followed by the keynote speech during which Mr. Nilesh Desai talked about various projects and achievements by ISRO. He also talked about the exciting possibilities for faculty members as well as students at ISRO. Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary, Senior IEEE member and Dean (R&D) inaugurated the branch and thanked all the dignitaries for devoting their precious time. The morning session ended with Mr. Shashwat Sanghavi (Chair, AU SB of IEEE)'s speech during which he addressed the future plans of the committee for next six months.

After the lunch an afternoon event was conducted. The event's name was CON~FUSED-"Sell it if you can". The event's main focus was to hone students' marketing skills and creativity. The teams were given a bowl of chits and each chit listed two items. The students had to convincingly advertise one item as another. For example if they got a burger and a pen-stand then they had to advertise a burger as a pen-stand or vice versa. The panel consisted of young entrepreneurs. We had Mr. Jatin Chaudhary from eChai, Miss Kinjal Shah from Shwas, Mr. Deep Patel from Interestship and Mr. Franky Upadhyay from Original Dimensions with us. The teams put up an interesting and fun display of their marketing skills. This was followed by an interesting round of question and answer session during which the students got an opportunity to interact with the young successful entrepreneurs and learn about their experiences as well as other exciting possibilities. The event ended with the judges declaring the top two winners. The panel was presented with mementos by our students and the two winning teams got a cash prize of 1000 Rs. each. The students parted on a happy note after enjoying ice cream arranged by the branch. It was a successful day and the branch hopes to conduct many more of such meaningful events.

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