IEEE quiz

IEEE quiz
August 09, 2015 10:00 am to 1:00 pm   IEEE event

Footfall: 80+ participants

Registration fees: 30/- for early bird, 40/- for on the spot registration, 20/- for IEEE members

The Ahmedabad University- Student Branch of IEEE was glad to organize the first official Quiz event of the college, under the IEEE banner. The key goal was to infuse a spirit of constant questioning and a love for knowledge among all our students. We were keen to see an active participation for this particular event. We believe that the more people we have the merrier the event turns out! We definitely weren't disappointed. We witnessed a healthy participation from all our students! Not to forget the new members of our family, they too turned up in a great number. Thus, they filled us with an even greater enthusiasms.

It was a half day event. It was great to see that there were many on the spot registrations too. Participants started coming at around 9:30 am. The event started at 10:00 am that was once we had a significant number of participants. In the preliminary round, participants worked out the questions in a team of two. The questions were projected and supplemented by the description and hint given by the Quiz master-Kushal Shah. The event was beautifully designed by Kushal. The questions added to our knowledge greatly! Everybody was seen thinking with furrowed brows and scratching their heads hoping to rattle some answer from some part of their brain! Once Kushal gave the answer, all were seen joyous and excited for the next question! The questions were a fine blend of technological background, history and general awareness. The first round contained 20 questions. It took about one hour which was followed by a break with refreshments. From the 40+ teams, 16 teams were selected for the knock-out round, which were then clubbed into 8. Yet all the other participants witnessed the event and actively participated as a part of the audience. Thus, our students put up an excellent show of great sportsmanship! The quiz master's high spirits kept the liveliness and attention of the participants maintained throughout the event. The knock out round consisted of more tricky and interesting questions. Finalists and the audience responded more enthusiastically to it. After all the positive and negative markings, two teams with highest scores were declared winners and were honoured with the certificate of winning. All the other teams of the knock-out round were given the certificate of participation.

The event ended with an extremely positive and a lively feedback from the crowd. It could be inferred that they would love to participate in such upcoming fun events. We proved once again that knowledge and learning can be so much fun too! Such events and proceedings behind it show the level of enthusiasm of students and need of such events to be held a number of times. Quiz events and related activity spread awareness and live up to the quote "knowledge is power". And it teaches students to keep themselves updated with the current state of the world. We also learnt about management, resource management, planning and time keeping while preparing and conducting this event. This definitely adds a feather to our hats when it comes to gaining experience at our institute. 

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